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Mistakes to Avoid When Attending a Funeral

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Going to a funeral can be intimidating for many people. In addition to the grief associated with the occasion, some people are concerned about making etiquette mistakes and offending the family of the deceased unintentionally. If you are attending a funeral and have questions about what to expect, the funeral home is always willing to answer your questions. Here are some common mistakes to avoid at a funeral.

Leaving on Your Cell Phone
Cell phones and funerals are a bad mix. If possible, consider leaving your phone outside of the funeral home completely. If you need to bring your phone with you, make sure it is placed on silent. During the actual service and internment, consider turning your phone off, as even phones that are silenced make an audible vibrating noise that could be distracting. You should never check your phone, play games, text, or surf the next at any part of a funeral service. If you must look at your phone, excuse yourself to the bathroom or other private area.

Sitting in the Front Row
During a funeral ceremony, the front rows are usually reserved for close family members. If you are attending as a friend or colleague of the deceased, sit a few rows back so that the family has ample space. If you are unsure where to sit, ask someone working in the funeral home so they can direct you to the right area.

Not Offering Your Condolences
It’s naturally to feel anxious about approaching grieving family members who you may not know well, if at all, to express your condolences. However, not doing so is missing an important opportunity. When you tell the family about your relationship with their loved one and tell them how sorry you are for their loss, you give them comfort when they most need it.

Chapel of the Chimes Haywood will be glad to answer your questions about being a guest at one of the services held in our funeral home or on the grounds of our cemetery in San Mateo. To reach us, call (510) 398-6922.

A Look at the Brookside Cremation Garden

Funeral Home HaywardWhen considering cremation as part of the funeral services for a deceased loved one, many people have questions about what they can do with the cremated remains. One of your options is to have them buried in a cremation garden. At Chapel of the Chimes Hayward, we offer a wide range of cemetery options for cremated remains, one of which is burial within the Brookside Cremation Garden.

The Brookside Cremation Garden features beautiful memorials that are handcrafted from fine granite. Each one is designed to house one or more urns in a discreet way and can also work as a traditional burial marker. These memorials celebrate the life and personalities of deceased individuals and can provide comfort and inspiration for surviving family members.

Are you looking for a memorial park near Hayward? If so, then please contact Chapel of the Chimes Hayward at (510) 398-6922 for more information about our cremation gardens, memorial services, and grief support services.

Steps to Take When Planning a Funeral

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After the loss of a loved one, arranging funeral services can feel confusing and overwhelming. However, knowing what needs to be accomplished can make this task easier. If you’re planning a funeral, then read on to learn about what steps you should take during this process.

Take a Moment
Unfortunately, many people make decisions that they later regret when arranging a funeral because of the pressure that they feel and the fact that they’ve never planned a funeral before. While some religions require a quick burial, many do not demand that you make any decisions immediately. If you are under time constraints due to religious requirements, reach out to your local religious leader and take advantage of the resources that they offer.

Make Careful Decisions
After slowing down and allowing yourself some time to accept the news, there are a few basic decisions that you should make. If the deceased did not leave indications regarding their funeral service preferences, then you will need to select between cremation and burial, decide what type of funeral service you would like to hold, determine if there will be a memorial, and choose if there will be a viewing or not.

Ask for Help
If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the decisions that you need to make or your everyday duties in addition to the funeral planning, then do not hesitate to ask for help. Reach out to your friends and family and let them know what you need to get through this stressful time, whether it be assistance with planning the funeral, babysitting, or even grocery shopping. Trying to take on all of the funeral responsibilities plus your normal ones will only make the planning process more stressful and emotional, so being prepared to ask for help during this time is key.

Are you planning a funeral near Hayward? If so, then please contact Chapel of the Chimes Hayward at (510) 398-6922 for information about our services.

What to Consider When Choosing Between Cremation and a Traditional Burial

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Whether you're planning ahead for your memorial, or you’re in the process of arranging funeral services for a deceased loved one, you may need to choose between cremation and a traditional burial. Continue reading to learn what you should consider when making this decision.

Knowing a bit more about each option can help you make this choice. Cremation involves burning the body into cremated remains, or ashes, which can be buried, kept by the family, scattered, or stored in a cremation niche. With burial, the body remains intact and can be buried or entombed immediately after the person’s death, funeral, or memorial.

Many people turn to cremation as a more affordable funeral service option. While it’s true that going with cremation is generally less expensive than a traditional burial, keep in mind that the costs can end up being similar, depending on the various decision that you make regarding the process, funeral services, and memorialization options.

For some situations, time becomes a factor when it comes to arranging a funeral. If time constraints affect your situation and you need to complete the funeral services within a short frame of time, then cremation prior to a funeral service may be the best option. However, if you want to include a viewing in the services or if you would prefer the body remain intact until funeral rites are performed, then burying the body immediately after the funeral or memorial may be your best option.

Religion and Culture
If you or the deceased adhere to a specific religion or culture, then it’s important to consider any associated funeral traditions. Before making any decisions, speak with your local cultural or religious leader to learn more about what is viewed as appropriate and ideal regarding burials and funeral services.

If you’re organizing funeral services or wish to pre-plan your funeral in Hayward, then please contact Chapel of the Chimes Hayward at (510) 398-6922 to learn about your options and the helpful resources that we offer.

Using Gifts and Flowers to Express Your Condolences

When a friend or family member has lost someone close to them, people often struggle with how to express their sympathy. If you want to show your condolences to a grieving person when attending the funeral service, then watch this video for tips on doing so using flowers and gifts.

If the grieving individual is a friend or coworker, then it’s customary to send a standing spray or basket for display at the funeral home. Consider going in on a single, large arrangement with other friends or colleagues. Before making a purchase, ensure that the flowers that you select are appropriate for the mourners’ cultural or religious traditions.

If you or someone you know has recently suffered a loss, then please consider the grief support services in Hayward offered by Chapel of the Chimes Hayward. For information about these or our funeral planning services, please call (510) 398-6922.

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