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Deciding Between Cremation and Burial

Planning ahead for your funeral home needs typically requires a decision to be made between burial and cremation in Hayward. Both choices have advantages, but the one that is right for you may depend on several factors. Before moving forward with burial or cremation services, consider the following issues that could affect your decision:

Reasons to Cremate

Cremation is a choice that many people make for convenience and cost-related reasons. In many cases, cremation services entail fewer expenses than traditional burial services. If you select cremation, you can likely save on the fees associated with purchasing a casket and burial plot. However, you do not have to forgo having a funeral should you choose cremation services. You can plan for a funeral ceremony either before or after cremation takes place. This may be a more convenient choice if you have loved ones who need to travel extensive distances to attend your funeral services. If they cannot arrive for several days or weeks, your family can proceed with cremation prior to the ceremony. You might also prefer cremation if your family wishes to inurn your ashes or scatter them in a favorite locale.

Incentives to Bury

Tradition is often a primary incentive to choose burial. If your family has made it a custom to use burial services for loved ones, you too may want to move forward with this process for your own funeral arrangements. It may also be a comforting thought to know that you will lie next to your loved ones upon your passing. You might select burial services as well should you be part of a faith that restricts the use of cremation. To better understand your funeral pre-planning options, you may want to consult your religious leader. Having traditional burial services may also provide comfort and closure for loved ones grieving your loss.

Do you have more questions about choosing cremation or burial? Chapel of the Chimes Hayward can help you decide on the option that best suits your needs. Call (510) 471-3363 to schedule an appointment with an associate at our funeral home.

How to Plan a Funeral According to Custom

Funeral services in Hayward can differ according to cultural and religious customs. This video discusses planning a funeral that upholds your personal traditions.

If you are planning a funeral for yourself or a loved one, you may first want to reach out to your house of worship. For instance, Jewish funerals normally have rabbis preside over the services. Talking with your religious leader can help you better decide your needs. Planning ahead for your funeral might also mean having elements with personal meaning for you. If you have a favorite hobby, you can incorporate it into your funeral services.

Chapel of the Chimes Hayward can help you arrange a funeral that reflects the traditions that are most important to you and your loved ones. To speak with one of our funeral home associates, call (510) 471-3363.

A Look at Jewish Funeral Customs

Many religious and cultural groups follow specific funeral rites. Jewish funerals in particular often adhere to defined traditions that are passed on from one generation to the next. With the right funeral home in Hayward, Jewish families can have peace of mind that their wishes for the deceased are precisely followed.

Preparing the Body

A funeral home typically provides body cleansing and embalming services for passed loved ones. However, within the Jewish tradition, the deceased is not to be embalmed at all. Normal custom dictates that the body receives only an external cleansing by those of the same gender. Once this process is complete, the deceased is clothed in plain white garments in preparation for the funeral service.

Burying the Deceased

Time plays a critical role in Jewish funerals. Unless extenuating circumstances present, the funeral service should take place as soon as possible after a loved one’s death. For this reason, Jewish families may want to consider pre-planning funerals so that no delays occur once a family member passes away. Generally, Jewish tradition favors casket burial over cremation, so the purchase of a burial site ahead of time may likewise facilitate funeral and cemetery services once they become necessary.

Mourning the Loss

As with other types of funerals, Jewish funerals provide family members, friends, and other loved ones the chance to commemorate the life of the deceased. During this time, it should be kept in mind that someone from the family must look over the body of the passed loved one until the cemetery service is over. Otherwise, all those in attendance at the funeral can gather together to mourn their loss. Family members may even ceremoniously rip their attire to show their grief. After the funeral, the traditional mourning period continues for several more days.

Chapel of the Chimes offers thoughtful and detailed funeral services that honor the religious and cultural traditions of those who use our funeral home, and we gladly welcome those with specific funeral or burial needs. Call (510) 471-3362 for more information on our many customizable funeral and cemetery services.

Signature Services from Chapel of the Chimes

Chapel of the Chimes understands that each life honored at our funeral home in Hayward deserves a unique and memorable celebration. That is why we offer a wide array of signature services that can help you arrange a funeral that commemorates your loved one in a meaningful manner. For instance, many people choose our butterfly or dove release services to symbolize the departure of the deceased’s spirit from his earthly body. Our funeral home also offers floral and memorial wristband tributes that can tenderly show the collective love of all those in attendance at the funeral service or cemetery. We even provide cases for those who have lost a member of the military and are given an American flag in remembrance of him.

Let Chapel of the Chimes help you create a funeral ceremony that truly honors the spirit and personality of your loved one. Call (510) 471-3363 to speak with one of our funeral home associates about our signature services. You can also visit our website for information on our complete funeral, cremation, and burial options.

Answers to Your Questions About Cremation

Cremation in Hayward is an increasingly common alternative to casket burial. However, people whose families have used traditional burial services may not be as familiar with this option. If you are considering cremation for yourself or a family member, the following questions and answers can help you decide if it is the right choice for you.

How does cremation work?

Cremation services entail the exposure of a deceased individual to open flames that rapidly decompose the body. Family members can rest assured that the process never involves more than one body at a time, so the resulting ashes belong only to the person undergoing cremation. This process may take several hours, but upon the completion of cremation, the remains of the deceased are given to the family.

What occurs after cremation?

Cremation has risen in popularity because it provides numerous ways for the deceased to be remembered and laid to rest. Some families may choose to purchase an urn into which the deceased’s ashes are placed and displayed in their homes. Others may decide to bury their loved ones’ ashes in a memorial park where they can visit as often as they wish. Still others may bring and scatter the remains of their loved ones to locales that were special to the deceased.

Can you still have funeral services?

Cremation and a funeral service do not have to be mutually exclusive events. Individuals can choose to honor lost loved ones before or after cremation takes place. The decision of when and how the life of the deceased is celebrated rests solely on the preferences and cultural customs of their loved ones. Funeral home associates can help family members arrange a funeral as well as coordinate a cremation so that they can commemorate their loved ones exactly as they would have wished.

Do you have more questions about cremation? Then call Chapel of the Chimes at (510) 471-3363 to schedule a time to discuss your cremation needs with one of our friendly and knowledgeable associates. We can also help you make any necessary funeral arrangements.

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