Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward offers a complete selection of
Funeral, Memorial, Burial, and Cremation Services. With a 61 acre
cemetery, we serve all faiths and cater to all cultural traditions.

Spotlight on the Garden of Noor

At Chapel of the Chimes Hayward, we are dedicated to providing funeral services, burial services, and commemorative services for all the cultures in our community. Our Garden of Noor, or Garden of Light, is one of many spaces in our memorial park dedicated to the Muslim faith. This peaceful, quiet space for remembrance includes burial plots and resting spaces for families and friends to reflect on or commune with nature and their memories of lost loved ones.

Would you like to learn more about your funeral and burial options at Chapel of the Chimes Hayward? Our staff is here to provide you with the funeral planning help you need, whether you want to pre-plan a funeral or have suffered a recent loss. Please contact us today via our website or by phone at (510) 398-6922 for more information about our memorial park and multicultural funeral services, cremation options, and burial services near Hayward.

The World's Most Famous Mausoleums

Mausoleums are free-standing buildings that provide above-ground entombment for a body or cremated remains, rather than the use of a burial plot to inter the body beneath the ground. These structures have been used throughout history to commemorate the lives of political and spiritual leaders; today, many individuals choose to have their body or cremated remains memorialized in a private or shared mausoleum following funeral services.

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is one of India’s most famous landmarks; it is also a mausoleum that was completed in 1653 to contain the body of emperor Shah Jahan’s favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. This white marble structure serves as the centerpiece of a 42-acre complex, which also houses several other structures, including a guest house and a mosque.

Giza Pyramids

The pyramids at Giza in Egypt are not only some of the oldest surviving dressed masonry buildings, but also among the largest human structures ever built. There are several surviving pyramids in the Giza complex, the largest of which house the pharaohs Khufu, Menkaure, and Khafre. The unique construction and interior design of the pyramids were meant not only to impress, but also to allow the deceased kings residing inside to easily and comfortably make the transition into the afterlife.

Lenin Mausoleum

The tomb of Vladimir Lenin is a more modern example of a mausoleum. This structure has housed the embalmed body of Lenin on display since his death in 1924. The Lenin Mausoleum draws architectural inspiration from a variety of ancient burial structures, including the Tomb of Cyrus the Great in Iran and the Pyramid of Djoser in Egypt.

If you’d like to learn more about funeral, cremation, and burial options, please call Chapel of the Chimes Hayward today at (510) 398-6922. Whether you have recently lost a loved one or would like information about planning ahead near Hayward, our experienced and caring staff have the answers you need to make the decisions that are right for your family.

Reasons to Choose Cremation

After death, there are several options available to memorialize the body, such as cremation and burial. During cremation, the body is reduced it is most basic elements using heat; these elements may be stored in an urn or other container, scattered in a favorite place, or buried following funeral services. Cremation is a popular option for many individuals, who may choose it for religious, personal, financial, or ecological reasons.

Financial Considerations

Cremation services are often 40-50% less expensive overall than more traditional embalming and burial services. Many individuals find cremation an appealing option for this reason, either because they wish to use their finances on other considerations while alive or they don’t want to leave a significant financial burden for their family.

Personal Preferences

Choosing cremation is a personal decision that may simply reflect the wishes and beliefs of an individual. Some people do not like the idea of burial, while others want their remains to be scattered in a location that holds personal significance but is not a cemetery or memorial park. Cremation is also a simple process that some find more appealing than the more complicated procedures of embalming and burial. Opting for cremation also eliminates the necessity of holding funeral services shortly after death, allowing loved ones the time they may need to travel for a memorial or funeral.

Ecological Reasons

In recent years, cremation services have become popular because of their ecological benefits as well. Cremation does not require the use of toxic embalming chemicals and does not take up land for a burial plot, nor does it require the use of wood or other resources to create a casket.

At Chapel of the Chimes Hayward, we offer comprehensive memorial and funeral services in Hayward, including cremation services and burial services in our memorial park. You can find out more about planning a cremation ceremony, funeral service, or memorial celebration to commemorate the life of a loved one when you visit our website or call (510) 398-6922.

Proper Behavior at a Funeral

A funeral is meant to serve many purposes, from providing support and closure for the family to commemorating the life and achievements of the deceased. Funeral services often vary; however, there are many basic rules of conduct that apply to memorial ceremonies.

During funeral services, attendees are expected to behave as they would at a church or other religious service. Remember that you are in attendance to show your support for the deceased and their family, and remain attentive and aware of the situation around you for appropriate cues on how to act. You can find out more about the type of behavior expected at a funeral in this short video.

At Chapel of the Chimes Hayward, our goal is to create personalized and respectful funeral services in Hayward. You can learn more about our crematorium and memorial park, as well as find tips for funeral planning, on our website or by calling (510) 398-6922.

Discussing Your Funeral Pre-Planning Process with Your Adult Children

Funeral Home Hayward

Funeral pre-planning is a process that can give peace and security to you and your adult children and their families. In order to pre-plan a funeral, it’s important to sit down with your adult children and inform them of your decisions. Read on for more information about talking to your adult children about the funeral pre-planning process.

Come Prepared
In order to make your talk about funeral pre-planning as productive as possible, it’s important that you don’t show up to the discussion empty-handed. Two documents can ensure that you and your children are clear about your wishes: a written funeral plan and a list of clear discussion points. By coming prepared to the discussion, your children will feel more confident about their place in your funeral pre-planning process.

Be Upfront
Be upfront with your children about why you’re planning ahead for your funeral. Tell them the truth about your health—whether you are healthy or have serious medical concerns, your family will feel more at ease if you are honest. Next, acknowledge that you understand that death is not easy to talk about and explain how pre-preplanning your funeral ceremony makes you feel more confident about your children’s future and the conditions of your funeral arrangements.

Explain the Main Points
Give your children the main points of your funeral plan. You don’t need to tell them all of the details during this initial conversation. Just give them a basic outline of the plan and tell them where the plan will be located when it comes time to carry it out. When you’re finished, answer any questions that they may have. Finally, reassure your children and wrap up by re-stating why you have decided to pre-plan your funeral.

Are you looking to pre-plan a funeral in Hayward? Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward is prepared to help make this process as straightforward as possible. Contact us today at (510) 398-6922 to begin the pre-planning process today.

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