• Losing a Loved One to Suicide

    When planning funeral services for a loved one, knowing that he or she chose suicide can add an extra layer of confusion to the process. No one us alone in coping with the feelings after the suicide of a loved one, and extensive grief support services are available.

    Watch this video to hear from people who are gone through the same experience. These people are at different stages in the process of coming to terms with their loved ones’ choices, and hearing their stories may be helpful to some as they deal with their own emotions.

    At Chapel of the Chimes Hayward , we can assist in the funeral planning process, whether the loss was sudden or anticipated. For more information about our funeral home in Hayward, please call (510) 400-4442.

  • Discussing Your Funeral Wishes with Your Spouse

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    If you are pre-planning funeral services, then discussing your plan with your loved ones will be an important part of the process. Although bringing up the topic of your funeral with your spouse may not be an easy conversation, it is one that could save your spouse a significant amount of stress after you are gone.

    If you want to talk about funeral pre-planning with your spouse, choose a time and place where you can focus on each other, without distractions. Know what you want to say about your funeral plan, and be prepared to explain your preferences to your spouse about everything from your choice between cremation and burial to your readings and music. Ensure that your spouse knows the extent of your plans and where to find them when you’re gone, so that he or she can simply request that the funeral home puts them into action.

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  • How Grief Is Different After a Sudden Death

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    Grief is never easy, but when a death occurs suddenly, it can be mixed with a range of other emotions that are not typical after a death that was anticipated. Being thrown into funeral planning and making decisions about things like burial and cremation in an instant can be extremely overwhelming. If you are struggling with your feelings, your funeral home can offer grief support services to help. Read on to take a closer look at the way that grieving is impacted when death is sudden.

    The first stage of grief may be shock.
    When a death is anticipated, family and friends get an opportunity to say goodbye to their loved one. They may even begin the grieving process before their loved one is gone as they work to determine what the world will be like without them. With a sudden death, none of this preparation is possible. Finding out that a loved one is gone can initially cause feelings of shock that can leave you feeling like the death is not actually real. While coping with this shock, you may also be dealing with funeral planning, leaving you feeling numb.

    You may experience guilt.
    It’s common for people to experience guilt during the grieving process, however misplaced it is. After a sudden death, people often experience more guilt while grieving, because of the things they didn’t get to say to their loved ones. Guilt can derail healthy grieving, so consider seeking grief counseling if you are struggling to get past your feelings.

    You may feel angry at your loss.
    Anger after losing a loved one is common, but it can be particularly overwhelming after an unexpected death. Some people get so stuck in the anger stage of grieving that finding peace can be difficult without the help of a grief counselor.

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  • From Flowers to Donations: A Guide to Expressing Condolences

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    After someone passes away, offering condolences to the family provides them with comfort and reminds them that they are not alone. There is no single right way to express condolences. Sometimes, families specify ways they would like their loved one to be memorialized in the obituary, but the way you choose to share your condolences can depend on a number of factors, from your relationship to the family and the deceased to your budget. Here are some of the things you can do to share your condolences and offer support to a family coping with funeral planning and mourning.

    Send Flowers
    Flowers are the most traditional way to offer condolences. The flowers are sometimes sent to the funeral home, in which case they may be displayed during the viewing or funeral services. In other instances, they are sent directly to the home of the family. Sending flowers to the home is more personal and is usually done only by people who are close to the family. If you are considering sending flowers, be sure to consider the religious customs of the family, as some faiths do not associate flowers with funerals. Check the obituary or call the funeral home to ensure that the family is accepting flowers.

    Send a Donation
    In some cases, families ask that, in lieu of flowers, people donate the money they would have spent to a particular charity. You can still make a donation as a tribute to someone even if the family hasn’t specifically requested it. Be sure to choose a group that aligns with the deceased’s persons interests and beliefs and that does not have any potential to be controversial to anyone in the family.

    Send a Personal Touch
    A simple card with a handwritten note can also be a meaningful gesture to families who are grieving. Share a story about the person who has passed or just focus on offering your support. A phone call can also be a welcome, personal way to share your condolences.

    Chapel of the Chimes Hayward is focused on making funeral planning as smooth and easy as possible for families in their times of need. For assistance in planning a funeral at Hayward, call (510) 400-4442.

  • Why Your Loved One Deserves an Online Obituary

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    Obituaries are a way to announce the passing of a loved one and to honor their lives. Obituaries have been appearing in newspapers for hundreds of years, but that may not be the most effective way to remember your loved one’s passing.

    Online obituaries are becoming increasingly more popular for a variety of reasons. While newspaper obituaries only appear for one day, online obituaries can stay online for as long as the family would like. They can be shared with friends and family across the world easily and can be accessed anytime and any place. An online obituary can also help spread the word to friends and family about service times, dates, and the location of the service.

    Traditional newspaper obituaries are quite expensive. On average they cost around $300, but some obituaries can end up being more than $600. Chapel of the Chimes provides online obituaries free of charge because we realize there are plenty of other unexpected expenses when a loved one passes.

    Online obituaries can include many features that are impossible with newspaper obituaries including:

    • Multiple photos
    • Videos
    • Messages from family and friends
    • Ability to send flowers at the click of a button
    • And much more

    For more information about our online obituaries , contact Chapel of the Chimes today at (510) 400-4442.

  • Why Guilt Is a Common Part of Grieving and What You Can Do About It

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    Coping with a loss is one of the greatest challenges that people face , and the associated pain is often overwhelming. For these reasons, it’s not uncommon for people to experience unexpected or difficult emotions after the funeral service and while grieving, and one of these is guilt. Keep reading for advice on coping with feelings of guilt while you grieve.

    Grieving and Emotions
    Feelings of guilt are among the most common symptoms of grief. People can feel guilty about something that they did or didn’t say or do after losing a loved one, or about feeling relieved when someone passes after a long battle with illness. While still coping with the loss, you might find yourself smiling or laughing about something, and then feel guilty about feeling happy. Finally, many people feel guilty about events that led to a person’s death, imagining that they could have said or done something to prevent it.

    Grieving Versus Depression
    Grief and depression resemble one another in several ways. However, grief can be thought of like a roller coaster that’s filled with ups, downs, and moments of happiness and laughter. On the other hand, depression often causes ongoing and constant feelings of despair and loss and may lead to a sense of guilt that is pervasive and intense. If you believe that your feelings of guilt are a symptom of depression, then speak with a mental health professional right away.

    Grieving and Coping
    For many people, the feelings of guilt that they experience are a natural part of their coping process. However, there are several steps that you can take to make coping with guilt easier. First, identify what you’re feeling guilty about and share this with a counselor or trusted friend. Also, be aware of your thoughts and disrupt ones associated with guilt. Finally, consider joining a support group or taking advantage of grief counseling, which can be incredibly beneficial for coping with grief and feelings of guilt.

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  • Spotlight on Jewish Funeral Traditions

    Jewish funerals involve readings of psalms, prayers, and a eulogy. There are usually no flowers, as these are considered symbols of life, and the casket is typically kept closed as a sign of respect toward the deceased. If you’ve been invited to attend a Jewish funeral service, then watch this video to learn more about what you can expect during the ceremony.

    In Judaism, “ levaya ” is the word for funeral, and it means “accompanying.” In Jewish funerals, accompanying someone to his or her final resting place is an act of kindness and love. The funeral may begin at the gravesite, a synagogue, or a funeral home, and men are expected to cover their heads during the ceremony.

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  • Should You Ever Make Funeral Attendance Mandatory for Your Children?

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    Has your family been invited to attend a funeral ceremony, but you’re unsure if you should bring your children along? If so, then you’re like many parents who have questions about the appropriateness of making children attend funeral services.

    It’s common for adults to look back with regret on funerals that they weren’t allowed to attend as children. On the other hand, it’s uncommon for adults to regret attending a funeral service as a child. While funerals may be difficult for children, just as they are for adults, attending may help them understand and cope with the loss, as well as prepare them for losses that they will experience in the future.

    First, speak honestly with your children about the purpose of the funeral and what they can expect while there. If you feel it would benefit your children to attend, but they are hesitant, then consider putting a backup plan in place, so that they may leave the service if they feel uncomfortable.

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  • What to Expect if You Attend a Muslim Funeral

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    Funerals are events that require etiquette and respect for the deceased and his or her family, so it’s ideal to know what is involved and how to behave at this type of event. If you’re planning to attend a Muslim funeral service , then continue reading to learn what you can expect while there.

    What Isn’t Done
    Knowing a bit more about Muslim funeral customs can prepare you to exhibit proper etiquette at the funeral. Muslim funeral services do not involve a viewing, visitation, or wake. Also, it’s important to realize that cremation is forbidden to Muslims because it is believed that the body must return to the earth. For this reason, cremation will not be part of the deceased’s final services. Also, it is not permitted to take photos, tape recordings, or video recordings during the service.

    What Is Done
    Attendees remove their shoes before entering the prayer hall, and you may be directed or led to a seat when you arrive. The service is held at a funeral home and will be conducted by a prayer leader or imam. After the prayer, the congregation forms 2 lines and carries the coffin toward the burial site. After the casket is lowered, the imam offers final prayers.

    What People Wear
    One of the most common questions that people have about going to funerals of any type is proper attire. When attending a Muslim funeral, first refer to the invitation for any guidance on what to wear. If no indications are included, then men should opt for attire that is respectful and avoid wearing jeans. Women are expected to cover their head with a scarf and to wear either a dress or skirt and top that cover the arms and the knees, with an ankle-length and modest garment in muted or dark colors being preferable.

    At Chapel of the Chimes Hayward , we have 2 gardens with space specifically for the Muslim Community. If you need to plan a Muslim funeral in Hayward, then please give us a call at (510) 400-4442 for information about our services and cemetery.

  • Making Homemade Sympathy Cards

    Have you been invited to attend a funeral service and wish to express your sympathy in a thoughtful way? If so, then one option you might consider is crafting your own condolence card. Watch this video for guidance on making homemade sympathy cards.

    To make something beautiful and unique that is still respectful, consider using a stencil and stamping the front of the card in a single color of ink. Then, using a sympathy stamp, apply the same ink and stamp your white cardstock. Next, adhere the stamped cardstock to the front of the card. Finally, consider printing out a quote or poem and gluing it to the inside of the sympathy card.

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