• Observing Funeral Etiquette

    Observing the rules of funeral etiquette is a gracious way to show your respect to the family and to the decedent. Wear appropriately formal and somber clothing when you go to the funeral home for the visitation and when you attend the funeral services. If you aren’t an immediate family member, it’s generally acceptable to stay at the wake for about 15 minutes. When you arrive, approach the casket for a moment of quiet reflection. Then, join the receiving line to extend your condolences to the family.

    You can hear more about funeral etiquette when you watch this brief video. It recommends sending flowers to the funeral home or the family residence. If a charitable donation is requested in lieu of flowers, you may send an edible gift to the family in addition to making the donation in remembrance of the decedent.

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  • Planning Readings for a Funeral

    One important part of planning funeral services is choosing passages to be read during the ceremony. The appropriate readings for a funeral will depend on the deceased’s personality and favorite passages, as well as their family’s preferences.

    Watch this video to learn more about planning readings for a funeral. Some people choose to read poetry during a funeral service, while others choose to read passages of scripture. The most important thing to keep in mind is to choose readings that had a specific meaning to the person that died.

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  • Cremation and Burial in the Muslim Tradition

    How familiar are you with funeral services in the Muslim tradition? Muslim funeral traditions are generally based on the belief that the bodies of the deceased should be buried as soon as possible after death. Read on to learn more about how Muslims honor the lives of their loved ones through their funeral traditions.

    Muslim Beliefs About Death

    Although there are two different sects of Islam, Shi’a and Sunni, all Muslims believe in an afterlife. Some hold the belief that the deceased will stay in their graves until the Last Day of the world, when they will then be admitted to Paradise or Hell based on the good deeds that they performed or sins that they committed during their lives. When a person dies, those who are nearby should pray for forgiveness of the deceased’s sins. Then, they should close the eyes and lower jaw of the dead and place a sheet over the body.

    Muslim Funeral Traditions

    Islamic law states that the deceased should be buried as soon as possible after death. Thus, people in the Muslim community must begin making funeral plans immediately after a loved one dies. Autopsies, embalming, and cosmetology for the deceased are prohibited by Islam, as these practices are seen as desecrating the body of the deceased. As the body is not preserved, it must be buried quickly, and thus there are not viewings or visitations in the Muslim funeral tradition. While small grave markers are common, large monuments or elaborately decorated headstones are generally not acceptable. Finally, cremation is prohibited in the Muslim community, making burial the most common choice among Muslims.

    If you’re planning a funeral ceremony near Hayward in the Muslim tradition, consider choosing Chapel of the Chimes Hayward . We can help arrange funeral or cremation services for a variety of beliefs. Call (510) 398-6922 to learn more about the memorial park at our funeral home, including our Garden of Noor and Culshane Rahmat Garden.

  • Proper Behavior at a Funeral

    A funeral is meant to serve many purposes, from providing support and closure for the family to commemorating the life and achievements of the deceased. Funeral services often vary; however, there are many basic rules of conduct that apply to memorial ceremonies.

    During funeral services, attendees are expected to behave as they would at a church or other religious service. Remember that you are in attendance to show your support for the deceased and their family, and remain attentive and aware of the situation around you for appropriate cues on how to act. You can find out more about the type of behavior expected at a funeral in this short video.

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  • Supporting Your Parents Through the Funeral Pre-Planning Process

    Funeral Planning Hayward

    Planning a funeral is rarely an event that proceeds without challenging emotions and difficult choices. Yet, planning ahead can lift the burden significantly. With funeral pre-planning services, parents can ensure that their wishes will be carried out and adult children will be relieved of the weighty responsibility of making decisions in the midst of their grief.

    Consider Pre-Planning Your Own Arrangements
    Sometimes, parents approach adult children to discuss their plans and explain their choices. In many families; however, adult children must find a way to broach the topic with their parents. It may be helpful for you to break the ice by discussing your own pre-need arrangements. Offer your assistance in helping your parents research their options. Additionally, making your own pre-need arrangements will give you some experience with the process that may benefit your parents’ planning process.

    Discuss the Options
    When your parents are ready to make pre-planning choices, you can offer to help them navigate a funeral home’s website or make an appointment with a pre-planning advisor. Since the sheer amount of information may be overwhelming, it’s best to think of pre-planning as a gradual process, rather than an hours-long affair.

    Put Details and Preferences in Writing
    Once your parents are familiar with their options, they might begin by making the major decisions first. These include whether they prefer to be buried or cremated. If they prefer to be buried or interred, the next step is to select a location. Once these decisions are made, you can help your parents consider their options for the memorial service or religious service. Consider whether your parents have preferences for music, passage, and flower selection. Of course, it isn’t required that your parents express preferences for every detail; they should feel free to make their plans in the manner that they wish. Help your parents stay organized by putting the details in writing.

    Chapel of the Chimes Hayward provides extensive support services to help individuals and families with their funeral pre-planning needs. You can begin the pre-planning process on our website or visit our funeral home in Hayward to sit down with one of our pre-planning advisors. Families can reach us at (510) 398-6922.

  • End of Life Traditions in the Muslim Community

    Chapel of the Chimes Hayward Planning funeral services may seem overwhelming, but many grieving friends and family members find solace in planning a loved one’s memorial. For individuals of the Muslim faith, burial services should be arranged as soon as possible after a loved one has passed away. Continue reading to take comfort in these end of life traditions shared by the entire Muslim community.

    Preparing the Body
    In the Islamic faith, cremation is forbidden. The religion urges that the body be buried in a cemetery as soon as possible, so no viewing of the body is permitted. To prepare the body for a burial plot, it must be washed, or go through the ghusl process, and shrouded, or given Kafan. Close same-sex family members are encouraged to undertake these tasks. The body should be washed three times according to ritual, beginning with the upper right side. The body should then be shrouded in three large white sheets.

    Arranging the Funeral
    Salat al-Janazah is the funeral prayer that should be performed by all friends and family . These prayers are recited in a prayer room or study room adjacent to the main area of the mosque. When praying, loved ones should face toward Mecca and form three lines. The male most closely related to the deceased should be at the first line, followed by children and women.

    Planning a Memorial
    Planning ahead can reduce much of the stress of arranging funeral services. When you plan a funeral and memorial for a Muslim loved one, remember that it is customary for only the immediate family to gather and receive visitors after funeral services. The mourning period generally lasts 40 days, with the larger Muslim community providing food to the family of the departed for the first few days.

    At Chapel of the Chimes Hayward , we are proud to serve all faiths and cultural traditions. For a complete selection of funeral services in Hayward, including burial and cremation services, contact us at (510) 398-6922. Our memorial park has burial plots and gardens designed specifically with the Muslim community in mind.

  • The Benefits of Funeral Pre-Planning

    Chapel of the Chimes Hayward

    More and more people are looking into funeral pre-planning services that are offered by local funeral homes. Planning ahead for a funeral service, burial service, or cremation service has many emotional and financial benefits. Here is a look at just a few of the benefits of pre-planning a funeral.

    Arrange Only the End of Life Services That You Want
    If you have specific desires for your end of life services, planning ahead will allow you to make sure that your needs are met. When you work with a funeral pre-planning expert at a funeral home , you will be given the opportunity to decide between a traditional burial service and cremation service. If you would prefer cremation, it’s important to make those feelings known to your loved ones before you pass away.

    Pre-Pay for Funeral Services
    For many families, paying for funeral services or burial service is an extreme burden. When you pre-plan a funeral, you have the option to set up a payment arrangement with your funeral home. You can ensure that your financial obligations are met before your family has to begin arranging your funeral. You can also choose the most affordable burial or cremation package that meets your needs, so that no one will feel the need to spent extra money on unnecessary expenses.

    Protect Your Loved Ones From Added Stress
    Funeral pre-planning gives you the opportunity to relieve your loved ones of any added stress while they are in mourning. They won’t have to worry about paying for funeral or burial services, or making decisions about the details of your funeral ceremony, memorial, or burial. They also won’t have to try to decide if you would have preferred a burial service or a cremation service.

    If you’re interested in learning more about how to pre-plan a funeral near Hayward , come see us at Chapel of the Chimes Hayward. Our compassionate staff has all of the tools necessary to help you plan ahead for your funeral, cremation, or burial. For more information about our funeral pre-planning services, call us today at (510) 398-6922.

  • A Look at Different Muslim Funeral Traditions

    Muslim Funeral Traditions

    If you’re going to be a guest at a Muslim funeral service , you may be interested in planning ahead and learning about different Muslim funeral traditions. While Muslims in the United States may not all adhere to their religion’s traditions, many still participate in these historic burial and funeral ceremony traditions.

    Grief Support Customs
    Grief support is common and important after a death in the Muslim community. Friends and family members of the deceased comfort each other with food, words, and prayer before the funeral service and for three days after the burial service . As in many other cultures, grief support is an important part of the healing process, and loved ones gather together to provide grief support and comfort.

    Funeral Service Traditions
    Immediately after death, the body is prepared for the funeral service. Before the funeral service, the body is washed from head to toe three to seven times while reciting prayers. The body is then shrouded using three white sheets and two ropes. The funeral service must take place before the next sunset, or within 24 hours. The funeral service takes place at dusk or sunset outside of a mosque. Mourners silently recite a series of traditional prayers over the body.

    Burial Service Traditions
    After the funeral service, several men transport the body by foot or by hearse to the cemetery for the burial service. The burial procession is silent. Muslims are traditionally buried in a Muslim cemetery, and women and children are not allowed at the burial plot for the burial service. Cremation is considered to be a desecration of the body, so only burial services are allowed. Burial plots should be unadorned and minimalistic.

    At Chapel of the Chimes Hayward, our knowledgeable funeral home staff has experience arranging funerals in Hayward that meet the needs of our diverse community. We can assist in planning a funeral, cremation, or burial service that adheres to any and all religious, ethnic, cultural, and personal customs. For more information about our funeral home and its services, call us today at (510) 398-6922.

  • What to Expect When You Attend a Jewish Funeral

    Funeral Home Hayward

    Attending a traditional Jewish funeral service is a true honor, and it’s important to be knowledgeable about the customs that you will encounter and be a part of. Here is some helpful information about what you can expect when you attend a Jewish funeral service.

    Dress Appropriately When Visiting the Funeral Home
    Women traditionally wear long skirts and a modest top, or a long dress. Men wear a dress shirt and slacks, or a suit, and should cover their heads. The funeral home may provide kippahs for guests to use as head coverings during the funeral service. Children of the deceased may wear torn pieces of clothing from garments of immediate family members.

    Be Familiar With What Happens During the Funeral Service
    Rather than talking amongst themselves, mourners may recite psalms while waiting for the funeral service to begin. At traditional Jewish funeral services, the casket remains closed. The funeral service may begin with the hesped, or eulogy, followed by brief prayers.

    Accompany the Family to the Cemetery for the Burial Service
    After the funeral service, it’s customary for mourners to accompany the casket for the first six feet of its journey. The burial service is held at the burial plot, where mourners take turns shoveling dirt onto the casket. The shovel isn’t passed from person to person; rather, it’s stuck in the dirt, where the next mourner can retrieve it. Mourners recite prayers, including a mitzvah for the bereaved. The immediate family leaves the cemetery and returns home to sit shivah for six days. It’s appropriate to visit the family in their home, or send condolences during this time.

    At Chapel of the Chimes Hayward, our knowledgeable and compassionate staff has experience planning funerals near Hayward for families of many different religions and cultures. We are respectful of the diverse needs of our community, and will do everything we can to accommodate their funeral service and burial service requirements. For more information about how we can help you plan a funeral or memorial, call us today at (510) 398-6922.

  • How to Find the Right Kind of Grief Support for You

    Grief Support Hayward

    If you’re suffering from the loss of a loved one, it’s very important to seek grief counseling. Regardless of whether you’ve experienced loss before, a grief counselor or grief support group can help you process your feelings and heal. Here is a guide to finding the right kind of grief support services for your needs.

    Look for Grief Support Services at Your Place of Worship
    If you regularly attend a church, synagogue, temple, or other place of worship, you can take advantage of the range of grief support services that they offer. Many provide group grief support, allowing you to connect with others who are dealing with loss. You may also be able to speak directly with the head of your place of worship for private grief counseling services.

    Ask the Funeral Home About Grief Counseling
    If your loved one’s funeral service was held at a local funeral home, you should ask the funeral director about the grief support services that they offer. Some funeral homes provide grief counseling or grief support privately or in group sessions. They may even offer grief support services online, or over the telephone. If not, they can refer you to a professional grief counselor in your area.

    Reach Out to Friends and Family
    Often, friends and family provide the best grief support. If your friends and family are also grieving, it can be very helpful and healing to get together and share memories of your loved one. You can lean on each other for grief support, and gain comfort from knowing that the person you’re talking to loved and cared for the person you have both lost.

    At Chapel of the Chimes , we know how overpowering the loss of a loved one can be. We offer a range of grief counseling and grief support services near Hayward, both online and in person. For more information about our services, you can visit our website, or call us today at (510) 398-6922.