• Proper Behavior at a Funeral

    A funeral is meant to serve many purposes, from providing support and closure for the family to commemorating the life and achievements of the deceased. Funeral services often vary; however, there are many basic rules of conduct that apply to memorial ceremonies.

    During funeral services, attendees are expected to behave as they would at a church or other religious service. Remember that you are in attendance to show your support for the deceased and their family, and remain attentive and aware of the situation around you for appropriate cues on how to act. You can find out more about the type of behavior expected at a funeral in this short video.

    At Chapel of the Chimes Hayward , our goal is to create personalized and respectful funeral services in Hayward. You can learn more about our crematorium and memorial park, as well as find tips for funeral planning, on our website or by calling (510) 398-6922.

  • Discussing Your Funeral Pre-Planning Process with Your Adult Children

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    Funeral pre-planning is a process that can give peace and security to you and your adult children and their families. In order to pre-plan a funeral , it’s important to sit down with your adult children and inform them of your decisions. Read on for more information about talking to your adult children about the funeral pre-planning process.

    Come Prepared
    In order to make your talk about funeral pre-planning as productive as possible, it’s important that you don’t show up to the discussion empty-handed. Two documents can ensure that you and your children are clear about your wishes: a written funeral plan and a list of clear discussion points. By coming prepared to the discussion, your children will feel more confident about their place in your funeral pre-planning process.

    Be Upfront
    Be upfront with your children about why you’re planning ahead for your funeral. Tell them the truth about your health—whether you are healthy or have serious medical concerns, your family will feel more at ease if you are honest. Next, acknowledge that you understand that death is not easy to talk about and explain how pre-preplanning your funeral ceremony makes you feel more confident about your children’s future and the conditions of your funeral arrangements.

    Explain the Main Points
    Give your children the main points of your funeral plan. You don’t need to tell them all of the details during this initial conversation. Just give them a basic outline of the plan and tell them where the plan will be located when it comes time to carry it out. When you’re finished, answer any questions that they may have. Finally, reassure your children and wrap up by re-stating why you have decided to pre-plan your funeral.

    Are you looking to pre-plan a funeral in Hayward ? Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward is prepared to help make this process as straightforward as possible. Contact us today at (510) 398-6922 to begin the pre-planning process today.

  • How to Serve as an Executor for a Loved One

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    Have you recently organized the funeral services of a loved one? If so, you may also be handling his or her will. If you’ve been named as the executor, you are responsible for carrying out the terms of the will. Keep reading to learn more about the process of serving as an executor.

    Know Your Responsibilities
    As an executor, you have many responsibilities. In addition to carrying out the terms of the will, you are responsible for settling the estate, paying the estate’s debts or taxes, and ensuring that beneficiaries of the will receive their inheritances. Your responsibilities may be more extensive if you are dealing with a more complex estate. For example, you’ll likely be required to take an inventory of assets and protect or sell them as needed.

    Prepare for Your Role
    There are several things you can do to prepare to be an executor before your role goes into effect. Talk to your loved one about the details of the estate, including any financial or legal arrangements that may be unusual or complicated. Try to get an idea of the types of assets that are included in the estate. Don’t forget to ask specific questions about the will itself, including its location and the contact information of the attorney who drafted it.

    Consider Hiring a Professional
    Dealing with the death of a loved one is emotionally difficult, and the practicalities can be time consuming and complicated. You may be trying to arrange a funeral at a funeral home in addition to your executor responsibilities. Just because you’ve been named executor doesn’t mean you need to complete this trying process alone. You can hire an attorney to help you handle probate proceedings and a professional accountant to deal with the financial aspects of the estate.

    Are you planning a funeral near Hayward? Whether you are planning ahead for your own funeral or arranging the services of your loved one, Chapel of the Chimes Hayward can help you during this difficult process. Contact us at (510) 398-6922 for more information about our services and funeral resources.

  • Tips for Closing and Cancelling Accounts After a Death

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    The period following the death of a loved one can be hectic and confusing. While you are dealing with your grief, there are also a number of practical decisions you have to make, from funeral planning to dealing with your loved one’s estate. It is easy to put things like closing or cancelling accounts on the back burner during this time, but it is important to deal with outstanding accounts as soon as possible. Doing so reduces the risk of fraud, identity theft, and automatic charges. These steps will help you simplify the process.

    Credit Cards
    Look in your lost loved one’s wallet to find the credit cards he or she carried. Contact each card company and request that the card be cancelled. In some cases, you may be asked to provide your loved one’s social security number and the reason for cancellations. Be prepared to also provide a death certificate, if requested. The balance should be paid in full before the card is cancelled. You can make those arrangements with the card company during your call.

    Phones and Utilities
    For a cell phone contract , contact the provider and request that the account be cancelled or transferred to another person’s name – for instance, you may wish to change the name to another person with a line on the same account. Contact utility companies and similarly cancel or transfer the account to a survivor who lives at the service address. In each case, be prepared with your loved one’s social security number and death certificate.

    You should cancel memberships with any company that might have your loved one’s credit card information. This can include things like Amazon, gyms, newspaper subscriptions, and PayPal. You can check your loved one’s statements to see who he or she was paying monthly. In most cases, you can cancel these accounts using your loved one’s membership number or credit card information.

    Chapel of the Chimes Hayward makes the process of funeral planning easier, whether you choose cremation services or are selecting a burial plot. Our grief counselors can also provider support are you cope with your bereavement. For funeral pre-planning near Hayward and more, please call (510) 398-6922.

  • Supporting Your Parents Through the Funeral Pre-Planning Process

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    Planning a funeral is rarely an event that proceeds without challenging emotions and difficult choices. Yet, planning ahead can lift the burden significantly. With funeral pre-planning services, parents can ensure that their wishes will be carried out and adult children will be relieved of the weighty responsibility of making decisions in the midst of their grief.

    Consider Pre-Planning Your Own Arrangements
    Sometimes, parents approach adult children to discuss their plans and explain their choices. In many families; however, adult children must find a way to broach the topic with their parents. It may be helpful for you to break the ice by discussing your own pre-need arrangements. Offer your assistance in helping your parents research their options. Additionally, making your own pre-need arrangements will give you some experience with the process that may benefit your parents’ planning process.

    Discuss the Options
    When your parents are ready to make pre-planning choices, you can offer to help them navigate a funeral home’s website or make an appointment with a pre-planning advisor. Since the sheer amount of information may be overwhelming, it’s best to think of pre-planning as a gradual process, rather than an hours-long affair.

    Put Details and Preferences in Writing
    Once your parents are familiar with their options, they might begin by making the major decisions first. These include whether they prefer to be buried or cremated. If they prefer to be buried or interred, the next step is to select a location. Once these decisions are made, you can help your parents consider their options for the memorial service or religious service. Consider whether your parents have preferences for music, passage, and flower selection. Of course, it isn’t required that your parents express preferences for every detail; they should feel free to make their plans in the manner that they wish. Help your parents stay organized by putting the details in writing.

    Chapel of the Chimes Hayward provides extensive support services to help individuals and families with their funeral pre-planning needs. You can begin the pre-planning process on our website or visit our funeral home in Hayward to sit down with one of our pre-planning advisors. Families can reach us at (510) 398-6922.

  • What to Do After You Pre-Plan

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    Funeral pre-planning is increasingly preferred by individuals who want to ensure their final wishes are protected upon their passing. Planning ahead for your funeral services also allows your surviving loved ones to focus on celebrating your life rather than spending time on planning funeral services, which can be stressful and overwhelming.

    When you pre-plan a funeral, it is important to keep your information and documents organized so your loved ones can access them if necessary. After funeral pre-planning, let your loved ones know you have planned your funeral services and where to find copies of necessary documents. Additionally, you should consider paying for your funeral services as part of the planning ahead process.

    Chapel of the Chimes Hayward is here for all your funeral pre-planning needs. Contact us at (510) 398-6922 to take a tour of our cemetery in Hayward, select a burial plot, and discuss your options for funeral services with our experienced staff.

  • Understanding the Stages of Grief

    Funeral services can feel overwhelming. However, if you work with a compassionate and experienced funeral home , it is possible to view planning a funeral as a cathartic act that also celebrates a life well lived. Grieving your deceased loved one is an essential part of the process, which is why some funeral homes offer grief counseling. Continue reading to learn more about the stages of grief, including anger, depression, and acceptance.

    Initial Anger
    As your funeral home knows, anger is a necessary stage of the healing process. Almost everyone feels angry after a loved one departs. You may feel angry at the doctor who was unable to make your sick family member better, at a higher power for taking your loved one away, or even at your friend for leaving this earth without you.

    Later Depression
    After anger, the next stage of grief is an immense sadness. After spending energy planning funeral services and planning a cremation ceremony or burial services, many mourners feel empty. Depression may involve withdrawing from social activities and spending time alone in contemplation. After a great loss, it is normal to feel overwhelmed by grief and to allow yourself to mourn.

    Ultimate Acceptance
    Acceptance of a loved one’s death takes time and rarely happens upon simply leaving the cemetery. Acceptance can be confused with being okay with a loved one’s death. Most people never feel right about the fact that a close friend or family member is gone, and that is a perfectly natural impulse. Acceptance simply means recognizing that a loved one is no longer physically present and will not be returning.

    In addition to funeral services and funeral planning in Hayward, Chapel of the Chimes Hayward offers complimentary grief counseling. Our funeral home is dedicated to making sure that you can celebrate the life of your deceased loved one while also properly mourning his or her death. If you are planning a funeral or want to know more about planning ahead, call us at (510) 398-6922.

  • End of Life Traditions in the Muslim Community

    Chapel of the Chimes Hayward Planning funeral services may seem overwhelming, but many grieving friends and family members find solace in planning a loved one’s memorial. For individuals of the Muslim faith, burial services should be arranged as soon as possible after a loved one has passed away. Continue reading to take comfort in these end of life traditions shared by the entire Muslim community.

    Preparing the Body
    In the Islamic faith, cremation is forbidden. The religion urges that the body be buried in a cemetery as soon as possible, so no viewing of the body is permitted. To prepare the body for a burial plot, it must be washed, or go through the ghusl process, and shrouded, or given Kafan. Close same-sex family members are encouraged to undertake these tasks. The body should be washed three times according to ritual, beginning with the upper right side. The body should then be shrouded in three large white sheets.

    Arranging the Funeral
    Salat al-Janazah is the funeral prayer that should be performed by all friends and family . These prayers are recited in a prayer room or study room adjacent to the main area of the mosque. When praying, loved ones should face toward Mecca and form three lines. The male most closely related to the deceased should be at the first line, followed by children and women.

    Planning a Memorial
    Planning ahead can reduce much of the stress of arranging funeral services. When you plan a funeral and memorial for a Muslim loved one, remember that it is customary for only the immediate family to gather and receive visitors after funeral services. The mourning period generally lasts 40 days, with the larger Muslim community providing food to the family of the departed for the first few days.

    At Chapel of the Chimes Hayward , we are proud to serve all faiths and cultural traditions. For a complete selection of funeral services in Hayward, including burial and cremation services, contact us at (510) 398-6922. Our memorial park has burial plots and gardens designed specifically with the Muslim community in mind.

  • How to Personalize a Funeral Service

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    Funeral services are important parts of celebrating the life of a departed loved one. Whether you are planning ahead for your own funeral service or selecting a funeral ceremony for the deceased, small customizations can make all the difference.

    One of the best ways to commemorate the deceased involves incorporating photographs into funeral services. Ask your funeral home about the amount of space provided for a memorial service, then arrange photos however you would like. You can opt for traditional framed collages, a table memorial, or even an elegant wreath of photo frames.

    Personalizing funeral services is often an essential part of the grieving process. Whether you are pre-planning your own funeral or arranging a funeral service near Hayward for a departed loved one, consult with the staff at Chapel of the Chimes Hayward. Call us at (510) 398-6922 to arrange a tour of our grounds , including our cemetery and gardens.

  • Arranging a Catholic Funeral Service

    A Catholic funeral ceremony near Hayward almost always involves consulting with the Catholic church and securing the services of a Catholic priest. With just a bit of funeral pre-planning, you can arrange proper funeral services and burial services.

    One essential part of Catholic funerals involves placing a crucifix in the casket with the deceased. Because Catholic funeral services generally incorporate visitation, a short stool for kneeling before the deceased is also used. When friends come to pay their respects, they pray before the casket. The service itself will be held at a Catholic church before a processional to the cemetery.

    For Catholic funerals, Jewish funerals, Islamic funerals, and non-denominational funeral services, look no further than Chapel of the Chimes Hayward. Our compassionate and experienced staff can meet all your funeral pre-planning needs. Contact us by calling (510) 398-6922.