• A Look at Post-Funeral Reception Etiquette

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    Planning a funeral ceremony can be a challenging process. However, funeral services don’t stop at the funeral home—many people choose to have a post-funeral reception as well. These receptions are typically held at the family’s home, place of worship, or a local restaurant.

    Post-funeral receptions tend to be less formal than funeral services and have a more social element. However, it is important to retain an attitude of respect during these social gatherings. It’s okay to reminisce about the deceased and enjoy memories of good times, but it’s best to refrain from having an air of joviality. In addition, make sure your children are well-behaved and understand the somber nature of the gathering.

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  • Preparing to Deliver a Eulogy

    Most funeral services include a eulogy to remember and celebrate the deceased. If you are planning on delivering a eulogy at an upcoming funeral service, there are several things you should keep in mind.

    Watch this video for some tips on preparing to deliver a eulogy. During your speech, focus on emphasizing one or two qualities that people most appreciated in your loved one, and tell a story illustrating these qualities in action. That way, you can engage the audience while focusing on what was special about your loved one.

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  • How to Write a Thank You Card After a Funeral

    After funeral services are completed, it’s time to write thank-you notes to the people who supported you throughout the funeral planning and service. This video offers tips for writing thank you notes during the difficult time of bereavement.

    When writing your notes, make them as personal as possible. Thank the recipient specifically for his or her contributions, such as sending flowers or cooking a meal, and recognize the nature of his or her relationship with the deceased, such as valued friend or sibling.

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  • Understanding the Stages of Grief

    Funeral services can feel overwhelming. However, if you work with a compassionate and experienced funeral home , it is possible to view planning a funeral as a cathartic act that also celebrates a life well lived. Grieving your deceased loved one is an essential part of the process, which is why some funeral homes offer grief counseling. Continue reading to learn more about the stages of grief, including anger, depression, and acceptance.

    Initial Anger
    As your funeral home knows, anger is a necessary stage of the healing process. Almost everyone feels angry after a loved one departs. You may feel angry at the doctor who was unable to make your sick family member better, at a higher power for taking your loved one away, or even at your friend for leaving this earth without you.

    Later Depression
    After anger, the next stage of grief is an immense sadness. After spending energy planning funeral services and planning a cremation ceremony or burial services, many mourners feel empty. Depression may involve withdrawing from social activities and spending time alone in contemplation. After a great loss, it is normal to feel overwhelmed by grief and to allow yourself to mourn.

    Ultimate Acceptance
    Acceptance of a loved one’s death takes time and rarely happens upon simply leaving the cemetery. Acceptance can be confused with being okay with a loved one’s death. Most people never feel right about the fact that a close friend or family member is gone, and that is a perfectly natural impulse. Acceptance simply means recognizing that a loved one is no longer physically present and will not be returning.

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  • Arranging a Catholic Funeral Service

    A Catholic funeral ceremony near Hayward almost always involves consulting with the Catholic church and securing the services of a Catholic priest. With just a bit of funeral pre-planning, you can arrange proper funeral services and burial services.

    One essential part of Catholic funerals involves placing a crucifix in the casket with the deceased. Because Catholic funeral services generally incorporate visitation, a short stool for kneeling before the deceased is also used. When friends come to pay their respects, they pray before the casket. The service itself will be held at a Catholic church before a processional to the cemetery.

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  • Respectful Hairstyles for Funerals

    If you’re attending a traditional, religious funeral service, it’s important that you dress formally and appropriately. This is a sign of respect to the family of the deceased. Dressing appropriately also extends to your hairstyle, which should be simple, neat, and classic.

    Watch this video for information about respectful hairstyles for funeral services. Professional hair and makeup artist Danielle Valiente demonstrates and discusses several different hairstyle options that are appropriate for funeral services.

    At Chapel of the Chimes Hayward, we respect the unique and varied religious and cultural traditions of our community. Our funeral home in Hayward offers grief support services, funeral pre-planning, and burial, memorial, and cremation services. For more information about how we can help you arrange a funeral or memorial, call us today at (510) 398-6922.

  • Choosing the Proper Clothing for a Funeral

    If you’re attending a funeral service or memorial, you may be concerned about maintaining proper etiquette in your funeral attire. Different cultures and religions often have specific traditions regarding what mourners should wear to a funeral home or cemetery for a funeral service.

    Watch this video for some helpful advice on choosing the property clothing for a funeral service. Mike Belsito, the co-founder of eFuneral, discusses general traditions and the necessary etiquette that you should follow when dressing for a funeral or burial service.

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  • Advice for Writing an Obituary

    If you’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, you may have a lot of responsibilities related to your loved one’s end of life services. This may include planning a funeral service, burial service, cremation service, or memorial service. If you also have to write an obituary, you may feel overwhelmed and need advice.

    Watch this video for helpful advice for writing an obituary for your loved one. The practice of writing an obituary can be therapeutic, and may be a form of grief support for you.

    At Chapel of the Chimes, we offer funeral pre-planning services for your end of life care services. Our staff is familiar with planning funerals, cremation, and burial services in Hayward that meet the various cultural and religious needs of our diverse community. For more information, call us at (510) 398-6922.

  • How to Act as a Pallbearer

    Have you been asked to be the pallbearer at a deceased loved one’s funeral? Pallbearers are responsible for lifting and carrying the casket to the cemetery, plot, or hearse throughout the funeral service. Family of the deceased usually ask people who were close to the deceased to take on this honor during this difficult time.

    As you will see in this video, you will need to arrive to the funeral location about half an hour or an hour before the service is scheduled to perform. During this time, you and the other pallbearers will work out the details to make sure everyone is prepared. You will also decide your order regarding carrying the handles on the sides of the casket.

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  • Proper Funeral Etiquette

    If you have never attended funeral services in Hayward, you may be unaware of proper behavior at a funeral ceremony. This video explains common funeral customs.

    When you enter a funeral home, you can offer your condolences to the family in mourning. If you have brought a card or flowers, you may be instructed to leave your gift on a designed table. Once the funeral service begins, quiet is expected among all the guests. Showing sadness is a natural part of the grieving process, though, so feel free to express your emotions during this time. Wearing dark colors such as black or navy is often most appropriate for this type of service.

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