• Preparing to Deliver a Eulogy

    Most funeral services include a eulogy to remember and celebrate the deceased. If you are planning on delivering a eulogy at an upcoming funeral service, there are several things you should keep in mind.

    Watch this video for some tips on preparing to deliver a eulogy. During your speech, focus on emphasizing one or two qualities that people most appreciated in your loved one, and tell a story illustrating these qualities in action. That way, you can engage the audience while focusing on what was special about your loved one.

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  • Preparing a Eulogy

    Funerals and memorial services serve as times for family and friends to say goodbye to a deceased loved one. Eulogies provide a platform to talk about the recently deceased and what was important in his or her life. If you are responsible for preparing a eulogy, it is important to take your time to honor the deceased.

    If the deceased was a religious person, you should incorporate religious scripture into the eulogy to honor his or her faith. If religion was not important to the deceased, focus on other areas of importance, such as family, career, and accomplishments.

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