How Grief Is Different After a Sudden Death

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Grief is never easy, but when a death occurs suddenly, it can be mixed with a range of other emotions that are not typical after a death that was anticipated. Being thrown into funeral planning and making decisions about things like burial and cremation in an instant can be extremely overwhelming. If you are struggling with your feelings, your funeral home can offer grief support services to help. Read on to take a closer look at the way that grieving is impacted when death is sudden.

The first stage of grief may be shock.
When a death is anticipated, family and friends get an opportunity to say goodbye to their loved one. They may even begin the grieving process before their loved one is gone as they work to determine what the world will be like without them. With a sudden death, none of this preparation is possible. Finding out that a loved one is gone can initially cause feelings of shock that can leave you feeling like the death is not actually real. While coping with this shock, you may also be dealing with funeral planning, leaving you feeling numb.

You may experience guilt.
It’s common for people to experience guilt during the grieving process, however misplaced it is. After a sudden death, people often experience more guilt while grieving, because of the things they didn’t get to say to their loved ones. Guilt can derail healthy grieving, so consider seeking grief counseling if you are struggling to get past your feelings.

You may feel angry at your loss.
Anger after losing a loved one is common, but it can be particularly overwhelming after an unexpected death. Some people get so stuck in the anger stage of grieving that finding peace can be difficult without the help of a grief counselor.

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