Should You Ever Make Funeral Attendance Mandatory for Your Children?

Hayward Funeral Home

Has your family been invited to attend a funeral ceremony, but you’re unsure if you should bring your children along? If so, then you’re like many parents who have questions about the appropriateness of making children attend funeral services.

It’s common for adults to look back with regret on funerals that they weren’t allowed to attend as children. On the other hand, it’s uncommon for adults to regret attending a funeral service as a child. While funerals may be difficult for children, just as they are for adults, attending may help them understand and cope with the loss, as well as prepare them for losses that they will experience in the future.

First, speak honestly with your children about the purpose of the funeral and what they can expect while there. If you feel it would benefit your children to attend, but they are hesitant, then consider putting a backup plan in place, so that they may leave the service if they feel uncomfortable.

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