What to Expect if You Attend a Muslim Funeral

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Funerals are events that require etiquette and respect for the deceased and his or her family, so it’s ideal to know what is involved and how to behave at this type of event. If you’re planning to attend a Muslim funeral service , then continue reading to learn what you can expect while there.

What Isn’t Done
Knowing a bit more about Muslim funeral customs can prepare you to exhibit proper etiquette at the funeral. Muslim funeral services do not involve a viewing, visitation, or wake. Also, it’s important to realize that cremation is forbidden to Muslims because it is believed that the body must return to the earth. For this reason, cremation will not be part of the deceased’s final services. Also, it is not permitted to take photos, tape recordings, or video recordings during the service.

What Is Done
Attendees remove their shoes before entering the prayer hall, and you may be directed or led to a seat when you arrive. The service is held at a funeral home and will be conducted by a prayer leader or imam. After the prayer, the congregation forms 2 lines and carries the coffin toward the burial site. After the casket is lowered, the imam offers final prayers.

What People Wear
One of the most common questions that people have about going to funerals of any type is proper attire. When attending a Muslim funeral, first refer to the invitation for any guidance on what to wear. If no indications are included, then men should opt for attire that is respectful and avoid wearing jeans. Women are expected to cover their head with a scarf and to wear either a dress or skirt and top that cover the arms and the knees, with an ankle-length and modest garment in muted or dark colors being preferable.

At Chapel of the Chimes Hayward , we have 2 gardens with space specifically for the Muslim Community. If you need to plan a Muslim funeral in Hayward, then please give us a call at (510) 400-4442 for information about our services and cemetery.

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