A Look at Chinese Funeral Traditions

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When it comes to planning a funeral, it’s always important to consider the faith and culture of the deceased. If you need to plan or will be attending a Chinese funeral service , then continue reading to learn about the traditions that may be involved.

The Importance of Tradition in Chinese Funerals
In Chinese society, the traditions surrounding death are incredibly significant. Specific rules are followed, and special attention is paid to the deceased following his or her death, and many members of Chinese society believe that not honoring funeral traditions can bring bad luck.

The Traditions for Arranging a Chinese Funeral
The traditions that are followed for a Chinese funeral can depend on the deceased’s age, role in society, the manner of death, and position in his or her family. For example, the funeral planning responsibilities fall upon the eldest son and his children when a parent or elder dies. Also, parents cannot arrange funeral services for children. For this reason, unmarried individuals who pass on are brought to a funeral home. Traditionally, older individuals cannot perform formal acts of respect for younger people. Because of this, children who die are buried in silence, and no ceremonies are performed.

The Variety of Traditions for Chinese Funerals
It’s important to realize that Chinese funeral traditions are not the same throughout China. Some Chinese people follow the teachings of Buddha, and death has very significant religious meaning in Chinese Buddhist society because it serves as a reminder of Buddha’s teachings. Also, mainland China has land available for cemeteries, and some Chinese choose to adhere to Christian burial traditions and beliefs. Also, it’s common among Chinese Christians to believe that the individual should be at home at the time of death. For this reason, many choose to bring a dying family member home from the hospital to die peacefully and surrounded by their loved ones.

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