Proper Etiquette at a Muslim Funeral

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In the Muslim community, the funeral and burial service are typically held shortly after death, without a wake or viewing. If you’ll be attending a Muslim funeral service , knowing what to expect and how to act will ensure you show respect and support for a family mourning their loss.

Expect a Large Crowd
In the Muslim religion, death is often seen as a loss not only for the family, but for the community as a whole. Thus, it is not uncommon for funerals to host large crowds of mourners. Knowing to expect a crowd will ensure that you won’t feel overwhelmed during the funeral service; always act respectfully to others, even if you don’t recognize them or aren’t sure how they are related to the deceased.

Dress Modestly
When attending a Muslim funeral service , dressing modestly in dark colors shows respect for the deceased and their family, as well as reverence for the funeral proceedings. Men should wear dark or neutral suits with pant legs, sleeves, and collars that cover the arms, legs, and chest completely. Women should wear loose-fitting dresses or suits that cover all skin except for the hands, neck, and face, while makeup and jewelry should be avoided. Additionally, women should bring a scarf to cover their head, although non-Muslim women need not wear traditional hijab.

Call Ahead
If you have any questions about the funeral service you’ll be attending, don’t hesitate to call the family or the funeral home for answers. There are many different forms of Islam, and many different ways that a family might choose to hold a funeral service for their loved one. Asking questions ensures that you will dress and behave properly at the funeral, rather than relying on your best guess.

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