• Deciding If Cremation Is Right for You

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    Today, many people choose one of two options for their body after death: Burial or cremation. While burial places the entire body beneath the ground, cremation uses heat to reduce the body to ashes, which can then be buried, stored, or scattered. Whether you are considering making funeral pre-planning arrangements or simply want to ensure that your family knows your wishes, deciding whether you prefer a burial or cremation ceremony is an important first step.

    Evaluate Your Religious Beliefs
    Considering how your religion views cremation and burial can guide you toward a choice that you feel is right. Although many religious cultures accept cremation, some dictate traditional burial after death. A religious leader or counselor can provide you with the information you need to make an appropriate choice.

    Evaluate Your Personal Beliefs
    In many cases, the choice to undergo burial or cremation is solely a personal one. If you have strong feelings about cremation or want your remains laid to rest in a special place where burial is not possible, cremation could be the right choice for you. Cremation often allows for more flexible control over the body’s final resting place, as ashes can be kept at home, scattered, or incorporated into a variety of products, including jewelry, records, and artwork.

    Evaluate Your Concerns
    Depending on the type of cremation and funeral service you choose, cremation may be a less costly option. Some people choose cremation to avoid leaving behind a significant debt for their families. If you have questions about the cost of cremation, burial, and funeral services, an experienced funeral director can provide more information about the services you are considering.

    At Chapel of the Chimes Hayward, our crematorium and cemetery allow you to choose the right option for you and your loved ones. Whether you prefer cremation or burial, our staff can help you pre-plan a funeral near Hayward that upholds your personal beliefs and wishes. You can reach us by phone at (510) 398-6922 or click through our website for more information about funeral services and funeral pre-planning with us.

  • When to Get Started with Funeral Pre-Planning

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    Funeral pre-planning allows you to make choices regarding your own funeral arrangements after death. If you wish, you can opt to finalize these choices with a funeral home and even pre-pay for some or all of the funeral services you want. Although death may not be an easy topic to discuss, starting a funeral pre-planning conversation well in advance of old age gives you and your family time to examine your feelings, your wishes, and your options with a clear mind.

    When Your Children Are Grown
    One of the best indicators that it’s time to discuss your wishes regarding your funeral is the age of your children. When your youngest child has reached adulthood, it’s a good time to sit down and start a family discussion about your plans and wishes following your death. Although you may still be in good health, broaching the topic as early as possible provides time for this discussion to evolve as you and your children age and develop further thoughts or concerns on this topic.

    When You Are Reviewing Your Will
    Many financial advisors recommend reviewing your will and any trusts, life insurance policies, retirement savings, and other important documents every few years. If you are creating or reviewing your will, it’s also a good time to consider your preferences regarding your funeral service. This is because you may wish to make legal arrangements in your will, trust, or life insurance documentation to outline your wishes or pay for your funeral , rather than leaving this cost to your surviving family after death.

    If you’d like to start a conversation about funeral pre-planning near Hayward, the staff at the Chapel of the Chimes Hayward is here to help. We can assist you as you evaluate your options and develop the funeral service plan that best meets your wishes. You can visit us online for more details about burial and cremation in our cemetery and memorial park , or contact us by phone at (510) 398-6922 today.

  • Reasons to Seek Grief Support

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    Losing a close friend or loved one is a painful and difficult process. After a death, it’s normal to experience feelings of sadness, grief, and even anger. While many people prefer to grieve on their own, grief support services offer an additional resource to help you examine and express your feelings in a safe and comfortable environment. Grief support services can also connect you with others who are experiencing the same feelings to establish a network of understanding and support that you may feel is missing elsewhere in your life. If you are overwhelmed by your feelings of grief or simply don’t feel comfortable sharing your thoughts or emotions with your friends or family, grief support services can offer a healthy outlet for these feelings and the space you need to comfortably express your thoughts on death and loss.

    At Chapel of the Chimes Hayward, we understand the impact a loved one’s loss can leave behind. Our funeral home and cemetery offers professional grief support in addition to our burial and cremation services near Hayward. If you’d like to learn more or are seeking grief support or funeral planning guidance, please visit our website or call us at (510) 398-6922.

  • Proper Etiquette at a Muslim Funeral

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    In the Muslim community, the funeral and burial service are typically held shortly after death, without a wake or viewing. If you’ll be attending a Muslim funeral service , knowing what to expect and how to act will ensure you show respect and support for a family mourning their loss.

    Expect a Large Crowd
    In the Muslim religion, death is often seen as a loss not only for the family, but for the community as a whole. Thus, it is not uncommon for funerals to host large crowds of mourners. Knowing to expect a crowd will ensure that you won’t feel overwhelmed during the funeral service; always act respectfully to others, even if you don’t recognize them or aren’t sure how they are related to the deceased.

    Dress Modestly
    When attending a Muslim funeral service , dressing modestly in dark colors shows respect for the deceased and their family, as well as reverence for the funeral proceedings. Men should wear dark or neutral suits with pant legs, sleeves, and collars that cover the arms, legs, and chest completely. Women should wear loose-fitting dresses or suits that cover all skin except for the hands, neck, and face, while makeup and jewelry should be avoided. Additionally, women should bring a scarf to cover their head, although non-Muslim women need not wear traditional hijab.

    Call Ahead
    If you have any questions about the funeral service you’ll be attending, don’t hesitate to call the family or the funeral home for answers. There are many different forms of Islam, and many different ways that a family might choose to hold a funeral service for their loved one. Asking questions ensures that you will dress and behave properly at the funeral, rather than relying on your best guess.

    Chapel of the Chimes Hayward is committed to providing funeral services that meet your family’s spiritual and personal needs. Our cemetery and memorial park in Hayward includes two dedicated gardens to serve our Muslim community. You can call our funeral home at (510) 398-6922 or visit our website to learn more about our funeral and burial services.