• Proper Behavior at a Funeral

    A funeral is meant to serve many purposes, from providing support and closure for the family to commemorating the life and achievements of the deceased. Funeral services often vary; however, there are many basic rules of conduct that apply to memorial ceremonies.

    During funeral services, attendees are expected to behave as they would at a church or other religious service. Remember that you are in attendance to show your support for the deceased and their family, and remain attentive and aware of the situation around you for appropriate cues on how to act. You can find out more about the type of behavior expected at a funeral in this short video.

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  • Discussing Your Funeral Pre-Planning Process with Your Adult Children

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    Funeral pre-planning is a process that can give peace and security to you and your adult children and their families. In order to pre-plan a funeral , it’s important to sit down with your adult children and inform them of your decisions. Read on for more information about talking to your adult children about the funeral pre-planning process.

    Come Prepared
    In order to make your talk about funeral pre-planning as productive as possible, it’s important that you don’t show up to the discussion empty-handed. Two documents can ensure that you and your children are clear about your wishes: a written funeral plan and a list of clear discussion points. By coming prepared to the discussion, your children will feel more confident about their place in your funeral pre-planning process.

    Be Upfront
    Be upfront with your children about why you’re planning ahead for your funeral. Tell them the truth about your health—whether you are healthy or have serious medical concerns, your family will feel more at ease if you are honest. Next, acknowledge that you understand that death is not easy to talk about and explain how pre-preplanning your funeral ceremony makes you feel more confident about your children’s future and the conditions of your funeral arrangements.

    Explain the Main Points
    Give your children the main points of your funeral plan. You don’t need to tell them all of the details during this initial conversation. Just give them a basic outline of the plan and tell them where the plan will be located when it comes time to carry it out. When you’re finished, answer any questions that they may have. Finally, reassure your children and wrap up by re-stating why you have decided to pre-plan your funeral.

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  • A Look at Post-Funeral Reception Etiquette

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    Planning a funeral ceremony can be a challenging process. However, funeral services don’t stop at the funeral home—many people choose to have a post-funeral reception as well. These receptions are typically held at the family’s home, place of worship, or a local restaurant.

    Post-funeral receptions tend to be less formal than funeral services and have a more social element. However, it is important to retain an attitude of respect during these social gatherings. It’s okay to reminisce about the deceased and enjoy memories of good times, but it’s best to refrain from having an air of joviality. In addition, make sure your children are well-behaved and understand the somber nature of the gathering.

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  • How to Serve as an Executor for a Loved One

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    Have you recently organized the funeral services of a loved one? If so, you may also be handling his or her will. If you’ve been named as the executor, you are responsible for carrying out the terms of the will. Keep reading to learn more about the process of serving as an executor.

    Know Your Responsibilities
    As an executor, you have many responsibilities. In addition to carrying out the terms of the will, you are responsible for settling the estate, paying the estate’s debts or taxes, and ensuring that beneficiaries of the will receive their inheritances. Your responsibilities may be more extensive if you are dealing with a more complex estate. For example, you’ll likely be required to take an inventory of assets and protect or sell them as needed.

    Prepare for Your Role
    There are several things you can do to prepare to be an executor before your role goes into effect. Talk to your loved one about the details of the estate, including any financial or legal arrangements that may be unusual or complicated. Try to get an idea of the types of assets that are included in the estate. Don’t forget to ask specific questions about the will itself, including its location and the contact information of the attorney who drafted it.

    Consider Hiring a Professional
    Dealing with the death of a loved one is emotionally difficult, and the practicalities can be time consuming and complicated. You may be trying to arrange a funeral at a funeral home in addition to your executor responsibilities. Just because you’ve been named executor doesn’t mean you need to complete this trying process alone. You can hire an attorney to help you handle probate proceedings and a professional accountant to deal with the financial aspects of the estate.

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