• Preparing to Deliver a Eulogy

    Most funeral services include a eulogy to remember and celebrate the deceased. If you are planning on delivering a eulogy at an upcoming funeral service, there are several things you should keep in mind.

    Watch this video for some tips on preparing to deliver a eulogy. During your speech, focus on emphasizing one or two qualities that people most appreciated in your loved one, and tell a story illustrating these qualities in action. That way, you can engage the audience while focusing on what was special about your loved one.

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  • What to Expect When You Attend a Muslim Funeral

    Funeral Traditions Hayward

    Shi’a and Sunni Muslims share similar funeral service traditions. Like funerals in other religions, Muslim funerals involve prayer and post-funeral receptions. If you plan to attend Muslim funeral services, here is what you can expect.

    Funeral Service
    Muslim funeral services are held in a mosque, and Muslims in the community are encouraged to attend, even if they did not know the deceased. Women frequently do not attend Muslim funerals, but when they do, they should wear loose, ankle-length skirts and loose tops with long sleeves and high neck. All women, including non-Muslim women, should wear headscarves and—because shoes must be removed in the prayer hall—clean socks, tights, or stockings. Salat-al-Janazah, or funeral prayers, are recited by all in attendance in a prayer room, study room, or the mosque courtyard. Everyone faces Mecca during the funeral prayers. Attendees are in multiple lines during prayer: the first line includes the men who were close to the deceased and the second line has the remaining men in attendance. If women and children are present, children are in the third line and women are in the rear.

    After the funeral services, the deceased is transported to the burial location by the men in the community. The deceased must be buried perpendicular to Mecca and on his or her right side, facing Mecca. Everyone in attendance throws three handfuls of soil on the deceased. In some cases, only men attend the interment, while in other cases, women and children are welcome.

    Post-Funeral Reception
    The family of the deceased often welcomes people for a post-funeral reception immediately after the service. This can be a good time to offer condolences. After the reception, it is traditional for members of the community to provide meals for the family for the next three days.

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  • Choosing Between Burial and Cremation During Funeral Pre-Planning

    Pre-Planning a Funeral Hayward

    Among the decisions you have to make when your pre-planning your funeral is whether you prefer burial or cremation services. Letting your loved ones know how you feel about this question will remove a tremendous amount of pressure from them as they are arranging your funeral services.

    Some people have a very clear opinion on whether they want to be buried or cremated based on religious beliefs and personal preferences. If you are unsure what is right for you, ask the funeral home to explain each option and review what else is required for each decision, such as a burial plot or cremation ceremony. Talking to your friends and family may also help. For some people, the knowledge that choosing cremation doesn’t prevent you from having a funeral service or from having a niche or other memorial for your loved ones to visit can make the decision easier.

    Pre-planning a funeral doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Let Chapel of the Chimes Hayward help you design a plan to honor your life and support your family in a time of need. To start planning ahead near Hayward, please call (510) 398-6922.

  • Tips for Closing and Cancelling Accounts After a Death

    Funeral Planning Hayward

    The period following the death of a loved one can be hectic and confusing. While you are dealing with your grief, there are also a number of practical decisions you have to make, from funeral planning to dealing with your loved one’s estate. It is easy to put things like closing or cancelling accounts on the back burner during this time, but it is important to deal with outstanding accounts as soon as possible. Doing so reduces the risk of fraud, identity theft, and automatic charges. These steps will help you simplify the process.

    Credit Cards
    Look in your lost loved one’s wallet to find the credit cards he or she carried. Contact each card company and request that the card be cancelled. In some cases, you may be asked to provide your loved one’s social security number and the reason for cancellations. Be prepared to also provide a death certificate, if requested. The balance should be paid in full before the card is cancelled. You can make those arrangements with the card company during your call.

    Phones and Utilities
    For a cell phone contract , contact the provider and request that the account be cancelled or transferred to another person’s name – for instance, you may wish to change the name to another person with a line on the same account. Contact utility companies and similarly cancel or transfer the account to a survivor who lives at the service address. In each case, be prepared with your loved one’s social security number and death certificate.

    You should cancel memberships with any company that might have your loved one’s credit card information. This can include things like Amazon, gyms, newspaper subscriptions, and PayPal. You can check your loved one’s statements to see who he or she was paying monthly. In most cases, you can cancel these accounts using your loved one’s membership number or credit card information.

    Chapel of the Chimes Hayward makes the process of funeral planning easier, whether you choose cremation services or are selecting a burial plot. Our grief counselors can also provider support are you cope with your bereavement. For funeral pre-planning near Hayward and more, please call (510) 398-6922.

  • How to Write a Thank You Card After a Funeral

    After funeral services are completed, it’s time to write thank-you notes to the people who supported you throughout the funeral planning and service. This video offers tips for writing thank you notes during the difficult time of bereavement.

    When writing your notes, make them as personal as possible. Thank the recipient specifically for his or her contributions, such as sending flowers or cooking a meal, and recognize the nature of his or her relationship with the deceased, such as valued friend or sibling.

    Chapel of the Chimes Hayward can assist will all aspects of funeral services, from planning ahead to cremation services. Contact our funeral home in Hayward when you need assistance by calling (510) 398-6922.