• A Look at End-of-Life Traditions in the Muslim Community

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    The Qur’an teaches that death is a natural transition from one life to the next. It states, “To God we belong and to Him is our return.” Rather than being a punishment from God, a terminal illness is perceived as being a journey to the next life. Since the Islamic faith requires that a decedent be buried right away, the surviving family members must begin planning the funeral services promptly.

    Toward the End of Life
    In some cases, it may be appropriate to begin pre-planning the funeral during a terminal illness. The preferences of the dying patient should be honored whenever possible. In the event that the individual is in a hospice program in a facility, rather than the home, family members must inform the physician that Islam forbids routine autopsies, except where required by law. In general, organ donation is permitted, although the family may wish to consult an imam.

    Immediately Following Death
    Immediately upon the passing of the loved one, the family members who are present may recite a religious saying, close the decedent’s eyes and lower jaw, and place a clean sheet over the body. Then, the family members may make “dua” or supplication to God. The body should be taken to the funeral home without delay. Unless state or federal law requires it, the Islamic faith frowns upon embalming and cosmetology. Individual family preferences may vary. The body must be washed, usually by a same-sex family member, at least three times before being shrouded.

    During the Funeral Services
    Since Muslims generally prefer to bury their loved ones as quickly as possible after death, visitation is not held. Instead, the community recites the traditional funeral prayers. This is often done within a prayer room or study room at a mosque; however, some families may prefer to hold this ceremony at the funeral home. Following prayer recitation, the body is taken to the cemetery for burial.

    At Chapel of the Chimes Hayward , we are honored to provide funeral services that respect families’ religious beliefs and cultural preferences. Our cemetery in Hayward includes the Garden of Noor and the Culshane Rahmat Garden for Muslim families. Call (510) 398-6922 if you would like to discuss planning ahead for a funeral or choosing a burial plot.

  • Comparing Ceremonial and Memorial Cremation Options

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    Choosing cremation offers a great deal of flexibility in the funeral planning process. You can consult your family members to determine which cremation option would be best suited to your loved one. For some families, a simple ceremonial cremation is appropriate. This arrangement encompasses a visitation prior to the cremation. The family may choose a ceremonial casket for the visitation. Following the visitation, the family may host a private gathering or religious service before the cremation. Once the cremation is complete, the family may choose to scatter or inter the cremations.

    Should your family choose a simple memorial cremation instead, this arrangement bypasses the full-body visitation. Instead, your family can hold a gathering or religious services after the cremation. This arrangement is particularly well suited to families with out-of-town relatives who cannot arrive at the funeral home right away.

    Chapel of the Chimes Hayward performs all cremation services on-site to ensure that each decedent is treated with the utmost respect and care. Bereaved family members can call (510) 398-6922 to discuss our many options for ceremonial and memorial cremation in Hayward.

  • Supporting Your Parents Through the Funeral Pre-Planning Process

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    Planning a funeral is rarely an event that proceeds without challenging emotions and difficult choices. Yet, planning ahead can lift the burden significantly. With funeral pre-planning services, parents can ensure that their wishes will be carried out and adult children will be relieved of the weighty responsibility of making decisions in the midst of their grief.

    Consider Pre-Planning Your Own Arrangements
    Sometimes, parents approach adult children to discuss their plans and explain their choices. In many families; however, adult children must find a way to broach the topic with their parents. It may be helpful for you to break the ice by discussing your own pre-need arrangements. Offer your assistance in helping your parents research their options. Additionally, making your own pre-need arrangements will give you some experience with the process that may benefit your parents’ planning process.

    Discuss the Options
    When your parents are ready to make pre-planning choices, you can offer to help them navigate a funeral home’s website or make an appointment with a pre-planning advisor. Since the sheer amount of information may be overwhelming, it’s best to think of pre-planning as a gradual process, rather than an hours-long affair.

    Put Details and Preferences in Writing
    Once your parents are familiar with their options, they might begin by making the major decisions first. These include whether they prefer to be buried or cremated. If they prefer to be buried or interred, the next step is to select a location. Once these decisions are made, you can help your parents consider their options for the memorial service or religious service. Consider whether your parents have preferences for music, passage, and flower selection. Of course, it isn’t required that your parents express preferences for every detail; they should feel free to make their plans in the manner that they wish. Help your parents stay organized by putting the details in writing.

    Chapel of the Chimes Hayward provides extensive support services to help individuals and families with their funeral pre-planning needs. You can begin the pre-planning process on our website or visit our funeral home in Hayward to sit down with one of our pre-planning advisors. Families can reach us at (510) 398-6922.

  • Writing a Sympathy Card

    Sending a sympathy card before or after the funeral services is a thoughtful gesture. However, it isn’t always easy to know what to write. Avoid trying to “fix” the situation with religious remarks or other platitudes. Keep your note brief and sincere.

    When you watch this video, you’ll hear some helpful tips on what to include in a sympathy card. It recommends acknowledging the recipient’s loss and expressing your genuine sympathy. You can conclude the note with an open-ended offer to help in any way the recipient needs.

    Along with our funeral services and cremation services, Chapel of the Chimes Hayward offers grief support services near Hayward. Call (510) 398-6922 to discuss grief counseling or visit our online sympathy store for flower arrangements.