• Supporting a Friend Who Has Lost a Child

    Grief Counselling Hayward If your friend is dealing with the loss of a child, he needs a lot of support. You may not know exactly how to help, but it’s crucial that your friend know you’re there for him. Seeking grief counseling services at a funeral home in your area may help your friend take the first steps toward healing.

    Be Patient and Take Cues From Your Friend
    Everyone grieves differently, and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. There is also no set timetable for how long your friend will be grieving. Familiarize yourself with the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Try to recognize these stages in your friend’s words and behavior to help you better understand what he needs from you. Take your cues from him, and offer kind words, physical comfort, and attention when needed. Give your friend consistent support throughout the funeral planning, cremation or burial service, and beyond.

    Relieve Your Friend of Some Daily Burdens
    Your friend may not be able to handle simple daily tasks, like making meals, cleaning, running errands, or taking care of other family members. Be there for your friend by taking over some or all of these tasks. Bring groceries and cooked meals to your friend’s house, babysit children in the family, clean the home, and do laundry. While your friend may not immediately notice or acknowledge this support during his grief, it will be appreciated and will make a difference.

    Encourage Your Friend to Seek Grief Counseling
    Your friend should seek grief support services such as grief counseling as soon as possible. These services are offered through funeral homes, churches, community centers, doctor’s offices, and therapists. Help your friend find a compassionate grief counselor, and drive him to the appointments.

    At Chapel of the Chimes, we have been providing cremation services and funeral services in Hayward for 140 years. Our compassionate grief counselors offer grief support services that are sensitive to the diverse needs of our multicultural community. For more information, call us today at (510) 398-6922.

  • Finding the Right Memorial for a Loved One

    Memorial Park in Hayward

    If you’re planning a funeral or cremation service and want to dedicate a memorial to your lost loved one, you have many options to choose from. The memorial should be a fitting tribute to your loved one’s life, passions, and pursuits. You can choose a very simple design, or a complex work of art, depending upon what you think your loved one would most appreciate.

    If you choose a simple, flat plaque or gravestone, it can be used to mark the burial plot where your loved one’s casket or cremation urn is buried. Plaques can also be used as memorial markers if your loved one’s ashes are placed in a columbarium. Your memorial options also include memorial benches, busts, pedestals, pedestal bench, cremation estates, and monuments.

    At Chapel of the Chimes, we offer a number of different memorials that can be placed in our cemetery or memorial park in Hayward . Our memorials, funeral services, burial services, and cremation services can be customized to meet any religious, cultural, or ethnic needs in our community. For more information, call us today at (510) 398-6922.

  • What Are Some of the Reasons Families Are Choosing Cremation?

    Cremation Services Hayward

    When a loved one passes, the remaining family members must come together to decide what to do next. Many families choose traditional burial while many others choose cremation services near Hayward . Discover some of the reasons why some families choose cremation:

    Honor a Loved One’s Wishes
    Many people tell their family members what they want done after their passing. This often includes deciding between cremation and a traditional burial. If your elderly parent or loved one expressed a desire to be cremated after his or her passing, you should honor that wish . A funeral home can help you learn about choosing cremation.

    Cut Down on Expenses
    Did you know that cremation typically costs less than a traditional burial service? Funerals cost an average of around $6,500 while cremation costs an average of around $1,600. Many families consider cremation because it allows them to cut down on expenses and spend more on other aspects of memorial services. Your family might want to choose cremation because it is a more cost-effective option.

    Choose a Greener Option
    Going green has become an important issue for people of all ages. If your deceased loved one had a passion for environmentally-friendly products and services, you might want to consider cremation instead of a traditional burial. Along with taking up space in the ground, traditional burials also use chemicals that are not always green. Cremation is a greener option that appeals to many families.

    Have Ashes to Split Amongst Family Members
    Unlike traditional burial, cremation results in ashes that can be taken home with the family. It is customary for family members to keep their loved one’s ashes after cremation. Ashes can be divided into multiple urns so that multiple family members can have a keepsake. Family members can also place ashes in jewelry, memorial benches, and more.

    Is your family considering cremation for a deceased loved one? Chapel of the Chimes Hayward can help you through the planning process. Learn about our funeral planning and cremation services by contacting us at (510) 398-6922.

  • Exploring Options for Personalized Memorials

    Losing a loved one is never easy. Planning a funeral or memorial service is a helpful way to express your grief and honor your loved one after he or she passes away. Here at Chapel of the Chimes Hayward, we provide a variety of personalized memorial items to help you honor your loved one and create a meaningful spot where you can come anytime you want to feel close to him or her.

    You can select a memorial bench that can hold your loved one’s ashes as well as a plaque featuring their name, birth date, death date, and other important information. Flat monuments and pedestals can also honor your deceased loved one. If you are choosing cremation, a cremation island can serve as a special place where you can feel close to your loved one after they have passed.

    Do you want to get more details? Contact Chapel of the Chimes Hayward to learn more about our personalized memorial items that can honor your loved ones. Call us at (510) 398-6922.