• Honoring Lost Loved Ones in the Digital Age [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Though technology has progressed a great deal in recent years, it’s still just as difficult as ever to cope with the loss of a loved one. No amount of social media or photographs can bring your loved one back, but technology can help with the way that the deceased is remembered by his or her friends and family. From digital slideshows at the funeral home after the burial to an online memorial to your loved one, technology can sometimes help with grief. When a loved one dies, you may also want to have his or her social media accounts closed. Facebook allows a person’s profile to be turned into a memorialization, while other social media sites require a bit of proof before a profile can be closed. Take a look at this infographic from Hayward funeral home Chapel of the Chimes to learn more about honoring your loved one in the digital age. Please feel free to pass this information along to your friends and relatives.

  • Tips for Supporting a Friend Who Is Grieving

    If a friend has recently lost a loved one, it can be difficult to know how to offer support. Our Hayward grief counseling services can help people during this time, but you can also help your friend by being there, listening, and helping. Follow these tips if your friend is grieving:

    Be There to Listen

    It is normal to want to say something that can help a loved one when he or she is feeling upset. When a loved one experiences a loss, it is more important to think about the best ways to listen instead of the right things to say. Your loved one may want to talk about the deceased and how they are feeling now. Being there to listen will help your friend through the grieving process. Even if your friend does not want to talk, you can be there to simply offer support and assurance.

    Offer to Help With Responsibilities

    Losing a loved one can make a person feel like their world has suddenly changed in a significant way, yet people must keep up with regular responsibilities during this time. You can support your grieving friend by offering to help with these responsibilities. This can include household chores like cleaning or buying groceries as well as handling phone calls and taking on funeral arrangements. Ask your friend what you can do to help during this difficult time.

    Attend the Funeral

    Even if you were not very close with the deceased, it might be a good idea to attend the funeral in order to provide support to your friend. If your friend wants you to be at the funeral, make sure you take time off so you can attend. You might want to arrive to your friend’s home early to provide support before the funeral and offer to spend time with him or her after the service as well.

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  • How to Act as a Pallbearer

    Have you been asked to be the pallbearer at a deceased loved one’s funeral? Pallbearers are responsible for lifting and carrying the casket to the cemetery, plot, or hearse throughout the funeral service. Family of the deceased usually ask people who were close to the deceased to take on this honor during this difficult time.

    As you will see in this video, you will need to arrive to the funeral location about half an hour or an hour before the service is scheduled to perform. During this time, you and the other pallbearers will work out the details to make sure everyone is prepared. You will also decide your order regarding carrying the handles on the sides of the casket.

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  • A Look at Catholic Funeral Traditions

    Funeral planning in Hayward requires a closer look at cultural, religious, and social traditions. Even though Catholicism has different degrees of orthodoxy, most Catholics believe that death is the passing from the physical world to the afterlife so that the deceased’s soul will live on in the afterlife. In planning ahead for a Catholic funeral, a priest should be brought in to administer special rites and Holy Communion when death is imminent. This closer look at Catholic funeral traditions will help you plan a respectful ceremony for a loved one.

    Catholic Funeral Traditions - Chapel of the Chimes Hayward

    Administering necessary rites

    After death, the family should contact a priest to administer the necessary rites and initiate the funeral planning process . Many local churches will have relationships with Catholic or Catholic-friendly funeral homes. As a result, reaching out to the deceased’s priest is a great way to find the right funeral home.

    Timing the funeral service

    Catholics may not hold funeral masses on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, or Easter Sunday. During Advent, Lent, and Easter, the church also prohibits funeral masses on Sundays. However, a funeral mass may be held on Ash Wednesday, but the ashes won’t be distributed in the church.

    Donating organs

    There is disagreement within the Catholic Church on the acceptability of organ donation. Many Catholic leaders now follow the medical diagnosis that the end of brain function constitutes the end of life. Following this view, Catholics may be organ donors, as organ donation will serve as a final charitable act a person can make.

    Choosing cremation

    The Catholic Church was historically opposed to cremation services. However, the church now allows a Catholic’s remains to be cremated, so long as the body is present for the funeral mass. However, instead of scattering the ashes, the remains should be buried or entombed in a columbarium. Embalming is also acceptable according to the Catholic faith.

    For more than 140 years, Chapel of the Chimes Hayward has provided local families with end-of-life services, which account for diverse religious, ethnic, and cultural traditions. If you’re planning a Catholic funeral service , please call us at (888) 960-1302. We are one of the most comprehensive funeral and cremation service providers in Northern California.

  • Planning a Cremation Ceremony

    Despite the common misconceptions surrounding cremation services, there are actually a wide variety of options for ceremony and memorialization. Through funeral pre-planning, you and your family can decide on the cremation ceremony you desire. If you choose simple cremation, you can still have a full body visitation with a ceremonial casket as well as a private gathering prior to the cremation process.

    Many people who choose cremation services would like to have a personal ceremonial gathering or religious tribute, without the full body visitation. Either way, the funeral home will take the deceased into its care, arranging the transportation and act of cremation. After, the funeral home will deliver the ashes directly to the person or place you designate. Following the tribute, ashes can also be stored in granite memorial benches or boulders that have been adapted to hold cremated remains.

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