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  • Moving through the Stages of Grief

    When considering the stages of grief, it is important to recognize that some people move through each and every stage of the process while others may skip certain phases or dwell on them. As this video explains, every stage of grief is considered a normal reaction to loss, but moving on from these feelings is critical to the healing process. Getting stuck on anger or depression may lead to the need for grief support or therapy so that physical reactions to death are not a persistent issue following loss.

    At Chapel of the Chimes , we have a staff of counselors and grief specialists led by our executive counseling director who can point you to the resources you need. You can reach out to us for support during the grieving process by calling (510) 471-3363 or visiting our website. 

  • Answers to Your Questions About Green Burials

    There are many different options for laying a loved one to rest—including burial and cremation, which both may have a number of details that need to be arranged during funeral planning. With more people aware of the environmental concerns that surround burial and cremation services , green burial is a growing option suitable for many families, as it reduces the environmental impact of common burial rituals. Let’s take a closer look at some questions about green burial to help you understand its use and benefits.

    Green Burials - Chapel of the Chimes - East Bay

    What exactly is green burial?

    There is no single strategy for green burial , as this term describes any burial or cremation service that minimizes environmental impact, and, where possible, facilitates ecological restoration. This may mean that cemeteries maintain gardens and lush landscapes to revitalize the earth’s natural beauty and plant life following a burial, or it could mean selecting more eco-friendly materials for the casket or urn that serves as a final resting place. As you work with a funeral director, it is important to ask which green measures the funeral home and cemetery has in place, and whether or not these facilities are GBC certified.

    Is embalming an acceptable green practice?

    With green burial, the idea is not to exclude any particular practice or ritual that may be a part of an individual’s faith. For many people, preservation of the body through embalming is an important funeral custom. However, use of the chemical formaldehyde in this process is not considered a green measure. Fortunately, there are more eco-friendly chemicals that may be used instead of formaldehyde and minimize environmental impact.

    Can cremation be a green option?

    Cremation is often associated with pollution, but there are ways to reduce fossil fuel use and filter harmful pollutants like mercury out of cremation emissions. Even with some of the older practices used for cremation, this choice does tend to use the fewest resources of any disposition option. If you choose to spread a loved one’s ashes following cremation, you should be sure to only do so following regional and state laws so that the ashes do not have any adverse impact on the area.

    For a complete look at green burial options in the East Bay , connect with Chapel of the Chimes on our website or at (510) 471-3363. We provide a number of burial choices and cemetery cremation to meet the needs of the diverse population of the surrounding community. 

  • The Role of Anger in Grief


    Anger is a well-recognized emotion involved with the grieving process, but it may still be difficult for you and those around you to cope with. You may feel that your anger is misplaced, as it is a much more fiery and uncomfortable emotion than sadness or denial. However, it may be a challenge not to feel angry when you feel so out of control at the loss of a loved one. Anger does have a valuable role in grieving individuals. It can let you sort through the fact that the world keeps spinning after a loved one is lost and bridge the gap between feelings of hopelessness and a sense of acceptance. You should not dwell in the anger that comes with loss, but know that it is a normal part of grief and that it can give you energy to channel into more positive feelings.

    If you have lost a loved one, Chapel of the Chimes can make the process easier with all-inclusive end of life services and grief support for friends and families. We offer an array of funeral options to cater to the many cultural traditions of California’s East Bay. Get to know us and tour our grounds online or call us at (510) 471-3363 to request a pre-planning guide. 

  • What Parents Should Know About Children and Grief

    No two adults experience loss in the same way, and this principle also applies to children. The loss of a close family member can affect a child for his or her lifetime and may lead to additional challenges, academically and behaviorally. Parents may be unsure of how to help children who are grieving, often because the parents themselves are also grieving. For strategies on how to help your children cope with loss, reach out to the professionals at the funeral home regarding grief support services.

    Mother calms the crying daughter

    How Children Experience Grief

    Children who are grieving a loved one often feel isolated, both from their family members and from their peers. They may feel as though nobody understands what they’re going through and they may feel as though they need to bottle up their feelings, rather than express them. If a child has lost a parent, he or she may feel anger or intense sadness when observing other children with their parents. Additionally, it’s common for children to rapidly move through periods of intense sadness, alternated with periods of happiness. This means that even if a parent observes a child playing in a carefree manner one day, that child may need extra support the next day.

    How Parents Can Support Grieving Children

    Parents often try to avoid talking about the decedent out of fear of further saddening the grieving child . In fact, children need their parents to provide opportunities to explore grief. Children can benefit from hearing their parents discuss how the passing has affected the parents and from being encouraged to discuss their own feelings. In addition, grieving children may find the coping strategies they need with help from a peer grief support group.

    Chapel of the Chimes of Hayward is dedicated to changing the way you perceive funeral homes and burial services. We do indeed provide elegant funeral services, cremation, and burial; however, we also work with families throughout the year—well after the loss—to support them in their grief. Please call our funeral home at (510) 471-3363 for more information about our grief support services.