• Reasons to Consider Holding a Memorial Service

    Mourning People at Funeral with coffin

    Funeral and memorial services are often more important for the living than they are for a person who has died. These rituals help people come to terms with a loss and find a way to continue on with their own lives. If you are thinking about passing on a memorial service for a loved one, consider the following reasons why you should reconsider holding one:

    A Memorial Service Makes the Situation Real for Mourners

    Since denial is the first of the five stages of grief, a memorial service is often necessary to help mourners understand that the death is real. This dose of reality is usually a necessary step to enable people deal with their denial and move on to the next stage of grief, which gets them a little bit closer to healing.

    A Memorial Service Helps Mourners Come Together

    After the loss of a loved one , you might feel overwhelmed by and alone in your grief. Attending a memorial service with other mourners helps you see that you are not actually alone. Coming together with others in a similar situation makes it easier for you to handle it in your own life.

    A Memorial Service Celebrates a Life Well Lived

    Instead of focusing on your sadness that your loved one is gone, the memorial service allows you and the other mourners to appreciate his or her life. Celebrating the positive aspects of a life helps everyone think about the good and, at least temporarily, forget about their grief.

    Chapel of the Chimes is here to assist you when you put together a memorial ceremony for your loved one. We also offer funeral, burial, and cremation services for the many diverse cultures found in the East Bay area to help you through this difficult time. To learn more about our services or to start planning a memorial, visit us online or call (510) 471-3363. 

  • Helping Your Child Deal with Grief

    The loss of a grandparent is often a child’s first exposure to death, which makes it especially important to help them deal with their grief in a healthy way. You want to create an environment that allows your child to be upset while working toward healing.

    Make it comfortable for your children to ask questions about the situation and give them age-appropriate answers that help them deal with it. Since they will be watching you throughout the process, you should create your own model of healthy grieving. Learn more in this video.

    At Chapel of the Chimes , we want to do whatever we can to ease the difficulty of a loss for your family. With memorial services and grief counseling, we hope to make this sad time a little bit easier. To learn more, call (510) 471-3363.

  • A Guide to Jewish Funeral Customs


    Each culture and religion has their own way to deal with death and grief. In the Jewish religion, there are specific customs that help mourners deal with the loss of a friend or loved one. Keep reading to learn more about these funeral customs .

    Quick Burials to Honor the Dead

    Jews are buried as quickly as possible after their deaths as a way to honor them, which is a process known as k’vod hamet. The funeral services are only delayed if close family members cannot arrange travel plans soon enough to attend the funeral or if the burial would fall on the Sabbath or a holiday. Waiting too long to bury a Jewish person is considered disrespectful and humiliating.

    Torn Clothing to Show Grief

    The immediate family members in orthodox and conservative Jewish families tear their clothing before the funeral to symbolize their grief. Sometimes the rabbi who will conduct the funeral also tears his or her clothing while saying a blessing for the deceased. Reform Jews do not usually tear their clothes, but they do wear black ribbons on their clothing as a sign of loss.

    Shiva to Mourn

    After the funeral is over, Jews sit Shiva to mourn. Traditionally, Shiva lasts for seven days, but many reform Jews have shortened the mourning period to three days. During this time, all mirrors in the home are covered and family and friends come over to pay their respects to the deceased and the surviving family members.

    Chapel of the Chimes can provide some relief during your periods of grief. Our 61-acre cemetery is dedicated to offering funeral, memorial, burial, and cremation services to the diverse population of Hayward. For more than 140 years, we have done what we can to ease the pain associated with the end of a life. To learn more about our services, visit us at our website or call (510) 471-3363. 

  • Understanding the Proper Etiquette at a Funeral

    Grief - Funeral and cemetery

    Funerals give survivors a way to pay their respects to the deceased while celebrating their lives. Use the following tips to ensure that you follow the proper etiquette the next time you attend a funeral.

    Wear Appropriate Clothing

    Mourners are not required to wear black to a funeral, but they should wear clothing that is both conservative and respectful. Dark colors, suits, dresses, and muted patterns are usually the best options to wear to a funeral . You should avoid wearing any clothing that is too revealing and try to keep shoulders covered if you are attending a funeral in a church or another religious building.

    Wait Until the Right Moment to Leave

    Mourners are usually invited to arrive at the funeral home at least 10 minutes before the service starts. Although funerals are typically short ceremonies, there are some that run longer. Do not exit the graveside until the service is complete. Once the ceremony is over and the mourners leave, the casket is lowered into the ground so the deceased can rest in peace.

    Express Your Condolences

    Flowers, cards, and even food for the family of the deceased are considered appropriate gifts to express your condolences before or after a funeral. You can also e-mail or call the family members to check on them in the days leading up to and following the memorial service. If you do call, however, try to make the conversation as short as possible to give the family the space they need to mourn in piece.

    Chapel of the Chimes offers burial and cremation services to give your loved ones a proper goodbye. We can cater to a wide variety of religions and cultures to ensure that your loved ones get a service that celebrates their lives and gives mourners a chance to pay their respects. To learn more about our end-of-life services , call (510) 471-3363. 

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