Suggestions for Choosing Memorial Jewelry

Jeweller ornaments

Saying goodbye to a lost loved one is never easy. It is often helpful to look for personal ways to stay connected to special memories and carry your loved one with you always. Memorial jewelry can be a perfect way to do just that. By wearing a piece of jewelry that celebrates your relationship with your lost loved one, you can always keep him or her close to your heart.

Memorial jewelry comes in a wide array of styles, so there is something for everyone. You may wish to select a piece of jewelry that celebrates something special about your loved one, such as a patriotic pendant to honor military service. Religious-themed jewelry or jewelry that features messages of hope are other options. If your loved one was cremated, you can even carry some of the ashes with you always in necklace pendants or key chains.

Hayward’s Chapel of the Chimes offers a large selection of memorial jewelry —just one more way we can help as you find ways to cope with your grief. To find out more about the services at our funeral home, please call (510) 471-3363. 

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