• What Is a Wake?

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    Wakes are an important part of memorial services in many different cultures. There are also many different types of wakes, and if you choose to have one for a loved one, there is no one right answer about which style you should host. Wakes are generally heavily influenced by religious traditions and the wishes of the person who passed away. These facts about wakes will help you decide what role such a service could have in the memorial you are planning:

    When Are Wakes Held?

    Wakes were traditionally held the night before a funeral, but the timing can vary. In some instances, wakes are held over the course of a few evenings, while in other cases, wakes are actually held after the funeral itself. Tradition and culture play an important role in determining when a wake is held.

    What Happens at a Wake?

    Wakes can be very solemn or very rambunctious. At some wakes, the person who passed away is laid out for viewing while friends and family visit to pay their respects quietly. Other wakes include food, drinking, music, and a party-like atmosphere to celebrate the life of the person who passed. Personal preferences and location have a lot to do with the style of a wake. For instance, if a wake is held in a church or funeral home, it is likely to be a quiet affair. Wakes held in private homes may be a little louder.

    Should a Wake be Part of the Service I Am Planning?

    A wake is not an essential part of a funeral service. Some people find that wakes give the family and friends of the recently deceased a chance to get together and share memories outside the more formal confines of a funeral. However, the wishes of your lost loved one and your family’s personal and religious traditions are the most important factors to consider.

    Planning a funeral can feel overwhelming, but Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward, CA can help you make the right choices. We offer a range of traditional and non-traditional service options and can help you pre-plan your own funeral. Find out more by calling (510) 471-3363.

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  • A Brief Look at Signature Services at Chapel of the Chimes

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    At Chapel of the Chimes, our goal is to give you the options you need to create a memorial service that is as unique as your lost loved one. That is why we offer a number of Signature Services you can add to your ceremony to make every part of the memorial meaningful.

    Our Flight Home and Butterfly Release ceremonies are particularly striking ways to say goodbye. Both of these ceremonies signify the release of your loved one’s spirit and his or her journey to reunite with deceased family and friends. We also offer the option of providing memorial wristbands to your guests to commemorate the service. We can also arrange for a bagpiper, violinist, or harpist to perform a musical tribute.

    These Signature Services are just a few of the many ways that Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward, CA can assist you with your funeral planning. Contact us when you need help arranging a funeral or when you wish to pre-plan your own. Call us today at (510) 471-3363.


  • The Death of a Spouse: The Aftermath

    After the death of a spouse, getting remarried may seem like a distant concern. However, eventually, many people want to find new spouses with whom they can share their lives. This video offers advice for making this important transition.

    When you get remarried after you’ve been widowed, be sure to allow yourself to balance memories of your lost loved one with happiness with your new spouse. Be prepared for some challenging transitions as you blend your families, especially if both you and your new spouse have been widowed. Keeping the lines of communication open will help everyone involved.

    The first step in healthy grieving is giving your lost spouse the proper funeral. At Chapel of the Chimes in Haywood, CA, we can help you personalize a service to create a fitting tribute. When you need help with funeral planning , call us at (510) 471-3363.

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