• Tips to Help You Cope with the Unexpected Loss of a Loved One

    Although the loss of a loved one is never an easy event to cope with, dealing with an unexpected loss can be particularly challenging. A memorial and funeral service are often the first steps on the path to recovery. When making arrangements with the funeral home, you can ask the representative about grief support services. You should also read the tips below, which may provide some comfort during this difficult time.

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    Share Your Feelings

    A traumatic loss is often overwhelming. You’re likely to experience a range of powerful emotions, or you may feel shocked and numb. Acknowledge your feelings and share them with your close family members and friends. Reach out to them for mutual support. As you begin to feel more collected, you and your family members may find comfort in reminiscing about your lost loved one. Cherish these memories and use them to design a loving memorial and funeral service to provide some closure for those left behind.

    Avoid Forcing Your Recovery

    When a loved one’s loss is unexpected, there is no opportunity to mentally prepare for the loss. This may mean that you continue to experience strong emotions for quite a while. Everyone grieves in different ways and on their own schedules; you should never feel rushed or forced to progress through the stages of grief at a pace that feels unnatural to you.

    Seek Professional Guidance

    It’s natural to question why the loss of a loved one occurs. Unfortunately, these questions are sometimes impossible to answer. You may find solace with the guidance of a professional, such as a counselor or a clergy member. These professionals can help you sort through the unanswered questions and lingering feelings in your grieving process.

    At Chapel of the Chimes – A Lifemark Group Property, our grief support services are available at all hours of the day and night. You can join a grief support group or find solace with our online counseling services. We invite you to call (510) 471-3363 for more information about arranging for a funeral and memorial for your loved one in California.

  • Reasons to Plan Your Funeral in Advance

    Everyone is eligible to pre-plan their own funerals , and many people have realized that doing so provides peace of mind for themselves and their families. Although you may feel a little uncomfortable with the idea of arranging your own funeral, an experienced funeral home representative can help put you at ease by explaining the process and the many benefits of pre-planning.


    Research Your Options

    Planning for your funeral in advance allows you to take the time to thoroughly consider all of your options and your preferences. There is no pressure to decide on arrangements right away.

    Ensure Your Wishes

    One big reason why many people decide to pre-plan their funerals is to ensure that their wishes will be carried out. Your pre-planning preferences can be as extensive or as limited as you wish. You might prefer to decide on all of the details, such as the music to be played and verses to be read; or you may prefer to document more general preferences, such as how you prefer your remains to be handled.

    Reduce Your Family’s Burden

    Documenting your preferences in advance reduces the burden on your surviving family members. It’s often difficult to make decisions regarding the arrangements after a loved one has passed. When the time comes to carry out your wishes, the loved ones left behind can feel a sense of security knowing that they have honored you in the manner you preferred.

    Provide Financial Benefits

    Pre-planning your funeral allows you to set up a pre-payment plan. You can offset the costs or relieve your family of the financial burden entirely, which protects them from inflation and unexpected costs.

    When you’re ready to begin pre-planning your funeral, the caring professionals of Chapel of the Chimes – A Lifemark Group Property are here to help you. California residents are encouraged to call us at (510) 471-3363 to schedule a consultation. You could also visit our website for some helpful pre-planning information, including a checklist and a pre-planning guide.

  • What Are the Symptoms of Grief?

    Experiencing grief after the loss of a loved one is a normal and healthy reaction. The symptoms of grief vary by age and from person to person. Grief is a part of the healing process that follows any loss, and cannot be sped up or made to follow any set pattern.

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    Young Children and Grief

    Young children process death differently from the adults around them. They view the world in very plain terms and often see death as separation. Children may express grief as fear or worry when they are left alone or when a loved one leaves for school or work. Because young children cannot explain grief verbally, they may express their feelings in other ways. Often grief manifests as behavioral changes such as disobedience, temper tantrums, and sleeping or eating disruptions.

    Teens and Grief

    While teens experience grief much like adults, they often keep their feelings more hidden. Their grief may manifest as reckless behavior as they try to ignore or defy death. Teens may seek new spirituality or religious views that make them feel better about their loss. It’s important to help a grieving teen through this process by listening without judging and helping them to find positive outlets for their feelings.

    Adults and Grief

    Adults feel and express grief in many different ways. Physical changes such as fatigue, insomnia, headaches, and stress-related conditions often occur alongside grief. It is normal to feel relief, sadness, confusion, or even anger following the loss of a loved one. Some adults question their spirituality, while others seek the comfort of their religious views. Social situations may feel draining, and many adults avoid being extremely social due to feelings of grief and fatigue.

    Memorializing a loved one can bring family and friends together to provide support for each other during a difficult time. Chapel of the Chimes—A Lifemark Group Property is here to help you through this process in Hayward so you can find a fitting way to commemorate your loved one’s life. Contact us by calling (510) 471-3363 or clicking through our website.

  • Common Misconceptions About Grief

    There are a few common myths regarding grief and mourning. Many people use the terms interchangeably, for example. However, grief refers to the thoughts and feelings experienced after a loss, while mourning refers to the steps taken in the healing process. Another common misconception is that everyone moves through the stages of grief in the same, predictable order and at the same rate. In reality, grief is different for everyone.

    Quite often, those who experience the loss of a loved one feel as though they need to put on brave face for the benefit of the other mourners. However, trying to avoid or suppress grief only delays the healing process. Instead, it’s important for mourners to allow themselves to fully experience their emotions and reach out to others.


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