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    Chapel of the Chimes—A Lifemark Group Property has been serving the families of California for over 140 years. Our cemeteries and funeral homes provide compassionate funeral services and grief counseling resources . Learn more about planning a funeral with the following resources.

    • HelpGuide.org discusses the stages of grief and offers some advice for finding support.
    • Learn about the basics of making the final arrangements with this article from Funeralwise.com.
    • Caring.com explains the benefits of funeral pre-planning and offers some factors to consider when making your own final arrangements.
    • Arranging a funeral can often seem overwhelming, which is why the New York State Department of Health wrote this guide to some of the common terms you may encounter.
    • Grieving is a long, challenging process. Learn how to cope with reminders of your loved one with this article from the Mayo Clinic .

    Contact us at (510) 471-3363 and let us know how we can help your family through this difficult time.

  • Understanding the Funeral Process

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    Whether a death is sudden or expected, it’s never easy to make the funeral arrangements. The pain of the loss can render it difficult to focus on practical matters. Reach out to your close friends and family members for support and assistance with the arrangements, and remember that your loved one’s funeral is an opportunity to cherish beloved memories and honor a life well-lived. Use the general guide below for help understanding the funeral process.

    Notifications If your loved one passed away at a healthcare facility, the staff there will make a few of the necessary calls. Otherwise, you’ll need to call a physician, medical examiner, and possibly the police department immediately following your loved one’s passing. You should also call the other members of your family and your loved one’s legal representative. The legal representative can tell you whether your loved one pre-planned his or her funeral. You’ll also need to call a funeral director, who will arrange for the transportation of the deceased to the funeral home.

    Funeral Arrangements Once the initial notifications are complete, you’ll meet with the funeral director to discuss the funeral arrangements . If your loved one used pre-planning services, some or all of the arrangements are already finalized. Otherwise, you must make some decisions regarding the method of internment and the type of ceremony. Consider the type of readings, music, and flower arrangements for the funeral service.

    Cemetery Arrangements After finalizing the funeral arrangements, consider where you would like your loved one to rest. Tour the cemetery grounds and select an agreeable location. You may wish to purchase additional burial plots for surviving family members to ensure closeness after parting.

    At the Chapel of the Chimes—A Lifemark Group Property , we understand that you come to us at a very difficult time. Our compassionate staff will guide you through every step of the process, from deciding on flower arrangements to your loved one’s final resting place. East Bay residents are encouraged to call us at (510) 471-3363.

  • How Chapel of the Chimes Can Help You Through the Grieving Process

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    When you experience the loss of a loved one, it can be difficult to envision a time when the pain will go away. You may feel lost and helpless, and unsure of where to turn for help. No one should have to experience the grieving process alone. At Chapel of the Chimes, we offer grief support every hour of the day to help you through this difficult time.

    Daily Affirmations Grieving is a bumpy road ; some days you might feel a little more like yourself, while other days you might feel lost again. Chapel of the Chimes offers 365 days of grief support with daily affirmations in your email inbox. These messages of hope and encouragement can help you along your recovery and remind you that there are sunnier days ahead. Simply enter your email address in the box provided on our website and unsubscribe whenever you wish. At Chapel of the Chimes, your information is always protected. Please feel free to refer a friend to our 365 days of grief support if he or she is also struggling.

    Interactive Videos The Executive Counseling Director at Chapel of the Chimes, Dr. Virginia Simpson, is dedicated to helping you through the grieving process. Using her personal and professional knowledge of grief, Dr. Simpson has created interactive videos that are available on our website. These one-of-a-kind videos explore the many facets of grief and acknowledge that each person’s experience is unique. Use the navigation bar within the browser to select the grief topic that is most appropriate for your situation.

    To access the interactive videos and sign up for daily affirmations, visit the website of the Chapel of the Chimes—A Lifemark Group Property or give us a call at (510) 471-3363 to learn more about our resources for healing. We offer East Bay-area residents a peaceful 61-acre cemetery, cremation services, and pre-planning resources. With the Chapel of the Chimes, you’re never alone in your sorrow.

  • Wishing Every Mother a Very Happy Mother’s Day!

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  • How to Buy a Cemetery Plot

    There are two main different types of cemeteries. If you opt to lay your loved one to rest in a community or church cemetery, buying a cemetery plot may involve little more than making a donation to the church. If you choose a commercially operated cemetery, you’ll meet with the director or other staff members to learn about the different price ranges available.

    Watch this video for more information on purchasing a cemetery plot. You’ll learn why plots in a commercial cemetery are priced differently, and you’ll also hear some helpful advice on marking the grave.

    The compassionate staff of the Chapel of the Chimes invites you to tour our grounds. Call our East Bay-area office at (510) 471-3363 for assistance making the final arrangements for your loved one’s funeral ceremony and burial.

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  • Choosing Funeral Flower Arrangements

    Flowers are an important part of any funeral. They pay tribute to the deceased and are a welcome token of sympathy for the family. Commonly, favorite flowers and colors are incorporated into funeral arrangements.

    This video demonstrates how a standing wreath can be used in a funeral service. Wreaths can be placed on stands around the chapel, or in the case of cremation, a standing wreath can be placed around an urn for an elegant display.

    When you’re planning a funeral , we can help you make the right decisions during a difficult time. Call Chapel of the Chimes today at (510) 471-3363.