Why Are Bagpipes Commonly Played at Funeral Services?


For more than 150 years, bagpipes have lent dignity and grace to funeral services throughout the United States. Steeped in the Celtic traditions of Scottish and Irish immigrants, the instrument is used today across cultures and faith traditions to honor the recently departed .

Early History Bagpipes are a group of musical instruments that rely on a constant flow of air from bags into enclosed reeds to create a drone effect. Cultures across the Western world have used bagpipes for centuries, but the Irish uilleann pipes and the Great Highland Bagpipe of Scotland have earned the greatest international renown. The instruments are firmly ingrained in the folk music traditions of Ireland and Scotland, played over the centuries at a number of public ceremonies, including funerals.

Introduction to the United States During the Great Potato Famine of the 1840s, Irish immigrants flooded into the eastern United States. The migrants initially faced widespread discrimination and nativist sentiment, relegating them into highly dangerous professions such as mining, law enforcement, and firefighting. Deaths in the line of duty were highly common among firefighters of the era, bringing a wide swath of Americans into contact with Irish funerary traditions and bagpipes. Over time, the louder Great Highland Bagpipe of Scotland replaced the Irish uilleann pipes at funerals, and the practice of playing bagpipes spread to fallen police officers and firefighters across various cultural traditions.

Bagpipes Today Today, bagpipes are a common feature of funerals for fallen heroes such as firefighters, police officers, and members of the armed services. In addition, they remain a signature piece of funerals for people of Irish and Scottish heritage. Bringing a touch of majesty and grandeur to a memorial service, bagpipes are sure to be a central part of the American funerary tradition for years to come.

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