• Learn More about Planning a Funeral Service with the Following Resources

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    Our team can explain the full scope of funeral planning and the benefits of planning these services ahead of time. Read these online resources to learn more about funeral planning.

    Let the experienced funeral directors at Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward help you with the funeral planning processGive us a call at (510) 471-3363

  • Write a Beautiful Eulogy for Your Loved One’s Funeral

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    Delivering a funeral eulogy is an honor, as it gives you the opportunity to remember a late loved one with a commemorative speech at his funeral . The process of writing and delivering a eulogy can be challenging, though, and it’s important to give yourself time to prepare:

    Contact Others Before you write a eulogy, get in touch with other friends and family members—their input can give you more information about the person you are honoring. Personal stories from family members can also add more depth to a eulogy .

    Keep It Personal Make sure to keep the entire eulogy focused on the passed loved one. Avoid touching on sensitive family conflicts or revealing too much personal information. Instead, keep the speech centered on honoring your loved one. This positive speech will offer a source of encouragement for grieving friends and family members.  

    Take Your Time Don’t put off writing the eulogy to the last minute. Start the speech early, and consider writing multiple drafts. This will ensure that your speech is organized and memorable. Taking extra time to write the eulogy will also provide you with more chances to meet with family members and incorporate their suggestions.

    Practice Practice will make your delivery sharp and help you feel confident while speaking in front of friends and family. Clear and audible delivery is important as well. If you have the time, try using a digital recorder to analyze your own speaking pattern. This process can help you eliminate repetitive phrasing from your speech.

    You can count on the professionals at Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward to help you during your time of need. Our funeral directors can assist you in planning a funeral for a loved one or help you pre-plan your own funeral services. Call us at (510) 471-3363 if you have any questions about our services.

  • Check Out The Great Things Happening at Chapel of the Chimes Hayward!

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  • Funeral Services: Why You Should Trust Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward

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    You and your loved ones deserve the best funeral services available. At Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward , we work hard to meet your funeral and memorial service needs. Here are just a few reasons to choose us for a loved one’s services or your own pre-planning needs:

    We Have Experience Chapel of Chimes in Hayward has been offering diverse funeral services since 1872. Our experience allows us to provide comprehensive end-of-life services and accommodate unique cultural ceremonies. Additionally, our grounds have expanded to meet the needs of our customers—our original seven-acre lot now spans an impressive 61 acres.

    We Offer Versatile Facilities Chapel of Chimes is more than a full-sized cemetery—our facilities also host a crematorium and mausoleum. These buildings allow us to facilitate any family’s specific burial wishes. We can even provide above-ground tombs for families who wish honor their loved one with a breathtaking monument. Whatever your needs, we can meet them here at Chapel of the Chimes.

    We Can Help You Pre-Plan Your Services Funeral pre-planning has several advantages for families. An established funeral plan ensures that a loved one’s wishes are carried out during the funeral. Funeral pre-planning also allows a family to take care of their funeral costs in advance. Chapel of the Chimes allows our customers to pre-plan every aspect of the funeral process. We can even help you resolve your final estate planning needs. Contact our funeral directors to learn more about the many advantages of pre-planning.

    For more information on our funeral services or our impressive grounds , contact Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward. We offer compassionate services during your time of need. Call us at (510) 471-3363 or visit us online today if you want to learn more about pre-planning or planning memorial services.

  • A Beautiful Cemetery and Funeral Home: Chapel of the Chimes

    Hayward residents should consider Chapel of the Chimes for their funeral home needs. Our historic cemetery is well known for our first-rate customer service and elegant grounds. This video takes viewers inside the grounds of our beautiful facilities. You can explore the comforting lobby and pre-planning rooms. You can also see the facility’s casket showroom and urn showroom.

    Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward has served the needs of families since 1872. Give us a call at (510) 471-3363 if you have questions about our facilities or to schedule a tour. You can also learn more about our services by visiting our website.

  • Planning a Funeral Service For Your Loved One: Learn More by Reading These Resources


    Have you found our recent blog posts helpful during your time of need? To learn more about selecting floral arrangements for a funeral or memorial service , and helping the younger members of your family cope with the loss of a loved one, browse through the following resources.

    • Read this Psychology Today article to better understand why it is important to take care of yourself if you hope to be able to help your son or daughter cope with the loss of a family member.
    • ElegantMemorials.com offers some great tips to help you choose funeral flowers .
    • For more advice on helping your child deal with the tragedy of losing a parent or sibling , visit this page from the Child Mind Institute.
    • Do you want additional information about helping your child cope with loss ? Learn about how children of different ages understand and process the concept of death with the help of this University of New Hampshire extension article.
    • While grief is a highly personal process that affects everyone differently, this FamilyEducation.com article can give you an idea of what you may expect from a child as he or she copes with the loss of a parent.

    If you are in need of funeral planning assistance in the East Bay area, call Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward at (510) 471-3363.