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  • Funeral Customs: Dia de los Muertos, Mexico’s Day of the Dead

    Of all the festivals and celebrations that are held to honor the lives of the dearly departed around the world, one of the most fascinating is Dia de los Muertos , or Day of the Dead. To learn about the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells that are associated with this celebration, watch this video clip.

    Celebrated in late October and early November, Dia de los Muertos is designed to pay homage to the deceased and the lives that they lived. Elaborate floral arrangements are assembled, festive costumes are designed, and edible skulls are created.

    At Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward , we understand the different funeral customs that exist among different cultures. To speak with a caring and dedicated member of our funeral planning staff, call (510) 471-3363.

  • The Funeral and Beyond: How to Help Children Cope with the Death of a Parent or Sibling

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    Losing a child or spouse is one of the most shocking and emotionally upsetting experiences anyone could imagine having to face. Adding to the emotional stress of this circumstance is the responsibility a parent has to help his or her surviving children cope with the death. If your children have recently lost a parent or sibling, you may be wondering how you can support them while they are grieving. As you plan your loved one’s funeral , consider these tips for helping your children cope.

    Be Honest Informing your children that their brother, sister, or parent has died may be earth-shattering for them and heartbreaking for all of you. While the specific information that you provide is up to you, it is important not to try to shield your children from the truth. Eventually, you will need to discuss the loved one’s death. As painful as it may be to do so now, it is better than holding off until later.

    Be Supportive As your children process the death of your family member, they are likely to exhibit a wide array of emotions. Do your best to be understanding of how your children grieve , and ensure that they know that you are available to talk and listen anytime. Do your best to remain calm in front of your children and assure them that it is okay to feel sad, frustrated, or confused.

    Take Care of Yourself In order to help your children cope with the loss, you need to make an effort to take care of yourself. Ensure that you eat well, get the rest you need, and seek any support you need so that you can better support your children.

    As you seek to balance your needs, the needs of your children, and the demands of planning a funeral following the death of a loved one, you may feel overwhelmed. Contacting an experienced and dedicated funeral service provider will help you manage. Offering a full range of services for all backgrounds, Hayward’s Chapel of the Chimes can help. To speak with a member of our compassionate and dedicated staff, call (510) 471-3363.

  • Choosing Funeral Service and Memorial Service Flowers

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    In most religious and cultural funeral traditions, it is customary to honor the deceased with flowers. Oftentimes, different floral arrangements are chosen for display at the funeral service than are selected for the burial casket. If you are planning a funeral for a loved one and want to be able to make your floral arrangement selections with confidence, read through the following information.

    Flowers for the Casket Depending on the funeral services you are planning for your loved one, you may need to choose two sets of flowers. For the funeral service itself, it is customary to choose a large arrangement to adorn the top of the casket as it is displayed during the ceremony. If a viewing will be held for your loved one, a small arrangement that sits comfortably at the foot of the casket is also recommended. When choosing these arrangements, consider the design of the casket and coordinate your selection accordingly. The florist you work with will be able to provide you with recommendations of flower types and colors that pair well with your loved one’s casket. Of these options, choose the funeral floral arrangement that you think your loved one would have liked best.

    Flowers for the Service When you are choosing flowers for a wall or table arrangement, look for options that represent the personality of the deceased. Consider your loved one’s age, interests, and floral preferences. If he or she had a favorite bloom, try to incorporate it into the arrangement. Choose colors that he or she was fond of, and consider commissioning an arrangement in a shape that speaks to your loved one’s interests. From a football jersey to a nation’s flag, your options are endless. If you are planning a funeral for a child, consider a floral arrangement in the shape of a stuffed animal or favorite cartoon character.

    When choosing flowers for your loved one’s funeral, work with an experienced, skilled, and passionate florist who can design the perfect arrangements for your loved one. The funeral providers at Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward can recommend a local florist who is reliable. We also offer burial, cremation, and funeral planning services. Call (510) 471-3363 for more information.

  • Browse Through the Following Links to Prepare Yourself for a Loved One’s Upcoming Funeral Service

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    Losing a loved one is a difficult part of life. You wish to honor those you care about after they have passed away, and funeral services can serve that purpose. There is no way to make the loss of a beloved person easy, but preparing yourself for a loved one’s funeral can be helpful.

    To learn more about how to prepare for a loved one’s upcoming funeral service, contact Hayward’s Chapel of the Chimes at (510) 471-3363.