• Choosing the Best Memorial Option for Your Loved One

    Red flowers for a funeral

    When the time comes to plan a funeral or memorial service for a loved one, you will have to make many major decisions in a short period of time. One of the most time-sensitive and permanent decisions, however, is whether to have your loved one’s body buried or cremated. Consider the points discussed below if you are concerned about making this decision.

    Expressed Desires

    If your loved one pre-arranged his or her funeral or explicitly stated a preference between burial and cremation , then this difficult decision has already been taken care of for you. Your next step is to meet with a funeral director to discuss different burial or cremation options and decide how to best memorialize your loved one.

    Religious Background

    Different religions have varying customs regarding how a body should be cared for after someone has passed away. Be sure to consider your loved one’s religion when deciding between a traditional burial and cremation. If you are unsure of the appropriate choice, consider speaking to your loved one’s religious leader before making your decision.

    Family Tradition

    If your loved one’s family has been using burial or cremation for generations, and nothing about your loved one makes you think that he or she would want to stray from that tradition, you should be able to feel content following the family tradition.

    Loved One’s Personality

    If none of the above factors has helped you decide between burial and cremation, you can consider your loved one’s personality. If, for example, your loved one enjoyed the ocean, cremation and a permitted spreading of the ashes may be appropriate.

    Regardless of whether you opt for burial or cremation, Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward can provide you with a wide array of high-quality funeral services to help you make your loved one’s funeral as memorable as possible. To speak with a compassionate and dedicated member of our funeral planning team, call (510) 471-3363 at any time.

  • Plan a Funeral with These Helpful Tips from Chapel of the Chimes


    A perfectly arranged funeral can help ease the process of burying a loved one. Incorporating the late family member’s hobbies and interests into the ceremony can help personalize the service. 
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    Contact the Chapel of the Chimes at (510) 471-3363 to learn more.

  • See What Special Services Chapel of The Chimes Has To Offer

    Planning a tribute for a passed loved one can be challenging. Consider how to incorporate a late loved one’s passions into their memorial. Working with the right funeral service can greatly simplify this process. 
    This video from Chapel of the Chimes shows one way a memorial can reflect the lives of late family members. Viewers are shown a decorative urn, flanked by fine wine glasses. This memorial was designed for a couple that loved wine and celebration in life.   
    The 61 acres of Chapel of the Chimes is dedicated to serving East Bay’s diverse population. We specialize in planning meaningful ceremonies that cater to unique cultural backgrounds. Explore our grounds and our services with a call to
    (510) 471-3363 

  • An Overview of Chapel of The Chime’s Facilities

    Atrium of Peace

    Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward provides dignified ceremonies for East Bay families from all backgrounds. Our versatile grounds are designed to accommodate unique cultural, religious, and personal requests. Keep reading for a summary of our facilities.

    Location: Our main building provides a full-service funeral home and crematory. As the largest facility in Alameda County, we meet the needs of over 1000 grieving families annually. Our commitment to surviving loved ones is demonstrated as soon as they pass through our front doors. The calm lighting of our lobby helps ease family members through a difficult process. Likewise, our knowledgeable front desk staff warmly greets visitors and answers all questions with helpful detail. We even offer special visiting areas for private consultation.

    Chapels: Two handsome chapels are located on our grounds. The Mission Chapel previously served as the Chapel of the Chimes main facility. Today, this rustic architecture provides chapel services and seating for up to 140 funeral attendees. The Reflections Chapel can be found within our main facility. A widespread seating area and enchanting stain-glass backdrop set the tone for a respectful memorial. Talk to the Chapel of the Chimes funeral director to determine which chapel space suits the needs of your family.

    Burial Spaces: 61-acres of lush grounds host a wide range of burial spaces. Families interested in above-ground burial can ask about the Circle of Peace mausoleum. This beautiful, stain-glass architecture is a peaceful setting for caskets and urns of any size. The Circle of Peace also includes spaces for private family estates. Cremation urn niches are available indoors and outdoors. Both locations afford an accessible and secure location for your loved one’s remains. Traditional burial plots are available as well. Hillside Garden plots allow burial spaces to overlook the peaceful San Francisco Bay. 
    Choose a lush, serene location for your loved one’s final resting place. At the Chapel of the Chimes , we endeavor to respectfully serve that need. Call (510) 471-3363 for more information.

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