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    Chinese Lunar New Year Couplets

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    • In China, you can be a “kusangren,” or professional mourner .  Mother Nature Network reports on this very unique job position.
    • This article about the recent loss of a former soccer star demonstrates how difficult it can be for surviving family members to plan funerals during their time of grief.
    • This webpage from Indiana University contains a personal interview with a Chinese foreign-exchange student about his personal experiences with traditional Chinese funerals .
    • This article from a local ABC television station discusses the benefits of estate planning and how it can save your family both emotional pain and financial hardship.

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  • Happy Chinese New Year!

    Chinese New Year 2012

    Happy Chinese New Year from all of us at Chapel of the Chimes!

  • Happy Chinese New Year!

    Chinese New Year 2012

    Happy Chinese New Year from all of us at Chapel of the Chimes!

  • Exploring Chinese Burial Rituals

    Chinese Script-Dragon (Clipping Path!)

    China is an enormous country comprised of many different regions and dialects, giving rise to many different traditions . In addition, the Chinese diaspora has spread out all over the world, meaning that ethnic Chinese in countries such as Taiwan, Malaysia, and the United States have created their own funeral rituals.  It’s therefore impossible to cover Chinese rituals in their entirety, but exploring certain aspects of some of the traditions can be both fascinating and illuminating:

    A Mark of Respect

    In mainland China, respect is traditionally something that is shown to older family members: The older you are, the more respect you are owed from your relatives.  This is why the services for older members of the family are most likely to be as elaborate as the family can afford, while the service for a young, unmarried person is likely to be fairly simple.

    Coming Home

    Many traditional mainland Chinese services  are actually held at the family home.  Burial services for family members who did not die at home are usually conducted directly outside the house, while burial services for people who have passed at home will be within the home. Some Chinese burial traditions may seem strange to outsiders. For example, the burial services are usually pre-planned or arranged  before the person’s passing. 

    Color Coding

    Traditional Chinese burial services require a complex color code, one very different from the subdued blacks and grays to which the Western world is accustomed. The color red is forbidden, except to cover religious figurines or to decorate the envelopes of money that are offered to mourners. This is because red is a color that means luck or happiness. The person is dressed in their finest outfit, but is also shrouded by two different pieces of cloth; blue for the body, yellow for the face. You can also tell the relationship of a mourner to the deceased by the clothing the mourner is wearing, since only immediate family members wear black, while grandchildren and great-grandchildren wear blue and light blue, respectively.

    If a member of your family has passed on and you want to honor them by holding a traditional Chinese burial service, then you should consult with Chapel of the Chimes . Chapel of the Chimes works with the relatives of the deceased to provide the most respectful and appropriate burial services possible. To learn more about how we can help you during this difficult time, please call (510) 471-3363.

  • Happy Chinese New Year!

    Chinese New Year 2012

    Happy Chinese New Year from all of us at Chapel of the Chimes!

  • The Benefits of Planning Your Funeral Services in Advance

    Pre Planning Funeral

    Planning your funeral service in advance provides you and your loved ones with some great advantages. To learn more about these advantages, continue reading:

    Ensure That Your Wishes Are Respected

    It’s doubtful that your loved ones or the estate and funeral planning service would intentionally create a funeral service that doesn’t your personality, but that can all-too-easily happen if you don’t leave behind instructions. Grieving family members may not be able to cope with the details of the funeral service, leaving the company to try to piece together a service without ever having met you or spoken with to you. In such instances, non-religious individuals may be honored with a ceremony rife with religious overtones, while devout decedents might have funeral services rarely broach the subject of faith.

    This doesn’t have to happen if you plan ahead.  If you meet with an estate planning service and carefully lay out exactly what you want and what you believe is appropriate for your funeral service, then you don’t have to worry about being misrepresented. Even better, you’ll be able to provide your surviving loved ones the comfort of knowing that your funeral service truly reflects you .

    Ease the Burdens on Your Loved Ones

    No one wants to plan the funeral a loved one, and it’s especially difficult when the loss is of recent memory. If you pre-plan your own funeral, then you will not only ensure that your wishes will be respected, but you’ll also save your relatives and other loved ones from having to make hard decisions during a time of intense grief. Pre-planning the funeral service means that the estate planning company will handle everything, from ordering the coffin you chose to arranging flower delivery.  Your family will be able to focus on grieving and healing and experience your funeral as a beautiful celebration of life, not as a fog of impossible decisions.

    If you want to make sure that your relatives are spared from having to make difficult decisions after your passing and that your funeral service is exactly as you wanted, then you should consider using an estate planning service.  Fortunately, Chapel of the Chimes can help. Chapel of the Chimes performs estate planning and also conducts funeral services. For more information, call (510) 471-3363 today.

  • Watch this Informational Video on How to Write an Obituary

    Many people are familiar with the concept of an obituary, but unless you’ve been directly responsible for the funeral arrangements of a loved one, then you probably aren’t aware of which details are appropriate to include within the writing. In fact, there are two different written ways of informing you community of a loved one’s passing: First is the obituary, but there’s also what’s called a death notice.  Which type of notification is available to you will depend upon the individual newspaper you plan on submitting to.

    Whether you’re writing an obituary or a death notice, however, there’s always certain information that you must include: The speaker in this video lists that information, which includes the name of the deceased, the date of death, and the location and date of any funeral service that will be held. It’s also important to list the names of the deceased’s surviving loved ones. For more detail about what is appropriate to include within an obituary or death notice, check out the video in its entirety.

    If you have recently lost a loved one or want to make provisions for your own funeral service in Hayward or the San Jose area, then you should contact Chapel of the Chimes . For more information, call (510) 471-3363 today.