Why it is Important to Select the Right Cemetery Plot and Grave Presentation


After a loved one’s passing, the cemetery plot serves as a physical link to the rest of their family. It’s the place where memorial services are held, where people come to pay their respects, and where families can offer prayers and feel a little closer to a beloved relative. For these reasons, the location of a cemetery plot and the grave presentation are important and should be carefully considered. Here are a couple of factors that can affect the eligibility of a cemetery plot .

  • Honoring the Memory of a Loved One

If the recently deceased did not select a plot before passing, then the family should carefully select a location that is peaceful, elegant, and satisfies any specific requests voiced by the loved one. The site around the grave plot should be beautiful place to visit and pay respects.

Additionally, keep in mind the personality of the recently deceased.  If he or she was not a particularly outgoing, attention-seeking individual, then it may be best to select a discrete, yet tasteful grave marker instead of something more extravagant.

  • Safety and Location

Although many cemeteries are in quiet, wooded areas, they can sometimes feel somewhat unsafe. It’s important that family and loved ones that want to visit a cemetery plot can do so without feeling anxious. Location is also an obvious factor in choosing a burial site. The site should be attractive, calm, and somewhat secluded from noises and activity around it. The proximity of a burial location should also be considered:  Visiting a burial plot shouldn’t be a burden, so don’t choose something too far away.

Planning memorial services, funerals, and cemetery plot arrangements is emotionally taxing and can often feel overwhelming. Let Chapel of the Chimes assist you in making these important choices for a recently passed loved one. We can offer guidance and help you satisfy any and all wishes of a loved one who has moved on. Give us a call today at (510) 471-3363 or visit our website .

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