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    Tips for Writing a Thoughtful Eulogy

    Last updated 1 month ago

    A thoughtful eulogy can have a deep impact on the friends and family of the loved one who passed away. But writing a eulogy can be challenging, especially if this is the first time you have ever delivered a eulogy at a funeral home. Use the following tips to guide you along the process of drafting an impactful eulogy.

    Brainstorm First

    Before you sit down to write a eulogy, you’ll need some inspiration. Begin by listing some of the qualities of the person, their achievements, and what makes them outstanding. Reaching out to others is an important part of the brainstorming process. If you were the only family member who was asked to offer a eulogy, we recommend reaching out to other relatives for their input, suggestions, and stories.

    Include Anecdotes

    Some people fall into the trap of offering a eulogy that’s a bit too bland. If you want your eulogy to stand out, include lively anecdotes. Don’t just say that the person was kind—give the listeners an example of his or her kindness.

    Practice Delivery

    It’s important to revise and practice your eulogy so that you can deliver it seamlessly. Shorter eulogies tend to be more effective, so strive to keep the eulogy at about five to eight minutes in length.

    Avoid Common Eulogy Mistakes

    Don’t be afraid to share something humorous, because the resulting laughter is usually healthy and restorative. Additionally, try not to focus too much on yourself; reading the eulogy to a trustworthy friend will help you determine if you need to revise it. We recommend taking a break from writing the eulogy, because when you come back to it you will have a fresh perspective.

    At Chapel of the Chimes we want to be here for you as you prepare to give a eulogy. Visit our website for a funeral pre-planning guide, and call us at (866) 475-9407 for more information. Our funeral home in San Jose offers a 61-acre cemetery as well as a number of memorial, burial, and cremation services.

    A Visit to the Brookside Cremation Garden

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Cremation is becoming an increasingly popular option for people planning their final wishes, which is why Chapel of the Chimes has created the Brookside Creation Garden. This beautifully landscaped environment provides a myriad of choices for loved ones who wish to be inurned at our Hayward location.

    Our cremation and burial options allow for complete personalization. Prior to moving forward with the process, our friendly and knowledgeable associates discuss at length with loved ones to determine the best way in which to honor the deceased. In many cases, family members may want to designate a site with a special plaque or post that highlights a favorite activity or interest. We also provide a backdrop that can serve as a calming and comforting presence for loved ones each time they come to visit our memorial garden.

    Would you like to learn more about Brookside Cremation Garden? Then call Chapel of the Chimes in Hayward at (866) 475-9407. We can help you make the most suitable decision regarding the final wishes of your loved one.

    What Are Your Responsibilities as a Pallbearer?

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Being a pallbearer is an honor that both men and women may receive upon the passing of a loved one. In this video, you can learn more about what might be expected of you during the funeral service.

    Early arrival to the funeral home is a common request made of pallbearers. Upon entering the funeral home, you can find out where you may need to later go once the procession moves outside. You can also meet with your fellow pallbearers. Once the funeral home services are complete, you and the other pallbearers will take hold of the casket handles and use them to carry the casket to the waiting car.

    Let Chapel of the Chimes help you plan your funeral services. Call our Hayward office at (866) 475-9407 for more information about our final resting place options.  

    Exploring Catholic Funeral Traditions

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Many religious groups have specific rituals that they perform for major life events, including birth, marriage, and death. Those belonging to the Catholic faith are no exception. The following information highlights some of the more common aspects of Catholic funeral services.


    Individuals who plan Catholic funeral services should keep in mind that eulogies are not common practices during them. A eulogy, wherein a friend or family member makes a speech highlighting the life of the deceased, can be given during other observatory gatherings. In general, the focus of a Catholic funeral centers on the religious aspects of the deceased’s life and ways in which he or she followed in the footsteps of Jesus.

    Cremation Options

    Burial preferences have changed with time. A casket burial was once the only option for many people, but with the surging interest in cremation, the Catholic Church has deemed it an acceptable alternate for a traditional burial. Those who observe the Catholic faith should keep in mind a few considerations should they decide to do cremation. While a vacation spot or park may hold a special place in someone’s life, the Catholic Church does not deem acceptable the spreading of ashes in such locales. Should a person choose cremation, he or she must select inurnment in a cemetery as well.

    Cemetery Customs

    Catholic funeral services do not end at the funeral home. Rather, the Catholic Church normally advises that loved ones be in attendance as the casket is lowered for burial. This part of the funeral services can provide friends and family members with the opportunity to say goodbye to the deceased at his or her final resting place.

    Chapel of the Chimes can help you observe the traditional rites of your faith or religion. Our compassionate staff is here to assist you as you plan your funeral service and to answer any questions you may have about proper customs. To find out more about our cemetery sales, call our Hayward office at (866) 475-9407. 

    Pre-Planning Your Funeral: Is It Right For You?

    Last updated 2 months ago

    As knowledge of the benefits afforded by pre-planning a funeral becomes more widespread, more and more people are choosing to make advanced arrangements for their burial and memorial services. Choosing to make funeral plans in advance is a smart decision for just about anyone. If you are trying to decide whether or not to make pre-need funeral plans, then examine the advantages of pre-need planning has over at-need planning.

    Control Your Own Funeral

    Do you already know how you would like to be laid to rest after you have passed on from this life? When you pre-plan your funeral, you can choose how your body will be handled, where your body or cremated remains will be buried or stored, and plan just about any aspect of your service for which you have a preference.

    Spare Loved Ones Stress

    When you make arrangements for your funeral in advance, your loved ones will not have to make important decisions that they feel uncertain about while coping with your absence from their lives. Pre-planning your funeral will relieve your loved ones of several responsibilities they would otherwise have and allow them to spend time grieving your loss and honoring your memory in their own way.

    Financial Clarity and Savings

    Pre-planning a funeral is oftentimes cheaper than making at-need plans. It also provides you with the opportunity to pay for your funeral in advance and relieve others of bearing the financial costs associated with your funeral.

    Live at Ease

    You may still have years of living left to do; but by pre-planning your funeral you can experience invaluable peace of mind during those years, knowing that your post-life arrangements are already in order. None of your loved ones will have to deal with unnecessary stress, and you can be assured that you will be laid to rest in the manner of your choosing.

    If you are searching for a wealth of resources for pre-planning funerals, look no further than Chapel of the Chimes Hayward. Our pre-planning process makes the process of arranging your funeral in advance as simple as it can possibly be. To speak with a helpful member of our team, call (866) 475-9407

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