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Funeral Planning: How to Decide Which Poems to Read at a Funeral

When planning a funeral, it’s important to take the personality of the individual being remembered into consideration. Every detail of the ceremony, including poetry, should commemorate the life and accomplishments of the loved one who has passed away.

In this short video, you will learn how to select the perfect poem to read at a funeral. If you want to capture the personality of the deceased, there are many items to consider. It may be helpful to ask the closest family members to provide suggestions or further information about the individual’s favorite poetry or song style.

A quality funeral home and estate planning service can also help. Don’t hesitate to contact the Chapel of the Chimes - Hayward. Our compassionate staff can assist you every step along the way. Contact us today at (510) 471-3363 for more information.

Learn More About Our Recent Blog Topics

Our recent blogs discussed some qualities to look for in a funeral service group and the benefits of grief support. If you would like to learn more, then explore these helpful resources. If you are looking for an experienced and caring funeral service group to help you after the loss of a loved one, contact Chapel of the Chimes – Hayward at (510) 471-3363.

Signs That You Should Consider Grief Support

Interracial couple holding hands

Coping with the loss of a loved one can be difficult, so establishing a network of individuals who can offer support is invaluable. If you’ve recently lost a loved one, consider how the support of a grief counselor or group may benefit you overcome the following common feelings associated with loss.

Feelings of Helplessness
After someone close to you has passed away, it is natural to feel hopeless about life and helpless in your grief. You may even find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, preferring to insulate yourself against another day without your spouse, parent, sibling, or friend. If you fear that there is no end to your hopelessness, then visit a grief counselor or consider joining a grief support group.

Feeling Alone
Do you feel like everyone around you is grieving differently? Do you know others who have dealt with the loss of a loved one and seemed to move on more quickly than you? Varied feelings and methods for coping with grief are also natural, and grief support can help. If you are looking for unconditional support in a non-judgmental setting, then seek a grief support group.

Confusion and Indecision
For some, the healing process begins after just a few days. For others, it can take several weeks, months, or even years. Whenever you feel you are ready to accept the loss of your loved one and start living happily and productively again, contact a grief support group in your area.

Remember, coping with grief does not mean forgetting your loved one. With the help of grief support, you will not only be able to remember your loved one in a positive light every single day, but also start living your own life again. If you are looking for Bay Area funeral services from a funeral group that can help you find 24/7 grief support after your loss, contact Chapel of the Chimes - Hayward at (510) 471-3363.

Qualities to Look for When Choosing a Funeral Service Group

Couple Reviewing Documents

Planning a funeral is a trying experience. In addition to coping with the grief of losing a loved one, you must notify family and friends, choose a burial site or crematory, and plan a memorial service. In order to keep this added stress to a minimum, choose a provider that provides the following:

A full range of services
A funeral group that offers a full range of services can help you with every detail of the funeral, from start to finish, including burial site selection, memorial service planning, and more.

Compassionate staff
Look for a caring and understanding funeral group whose staff strives to ensure the funeral planning process is as smooth as possible. Funeral groups that provide grief support or resources for grief support are truly concerned for their clients’ well-being.

Dedication to the community
Another way the staff of a funeral group demonstrates how much it cares about the community it serves is through community dedication. Conscientious organizations often host and participate in local community events.

Chapel of the Chimes, Hayward sponsors and hosts a wide range of cultural events each year. To find out more about us, our services, and our upcoming events, please contact us at (510) 471-3363.

Teenager and Family Advice: How to Cope with Grief

Even though it’s painful, grief is a natural response to loss. For many people, grief that follows the loss of a loved one is the most difficult to face. To learn about how people grieve, watch this brief video clip.

Viewers will hear from a psychologist with more than 25 years of experience working with adolescents who have lost loved ones; she explains that most expression of grief is either internal or external. Misunderstandings may arise between two people who are grieving the loss of the same person in different ways.

If you are looking for grief support after the loss of a loved one, contact Chapel of the Chimes - Hayward. In addition to grief support referrals, we provide a full range of funeral and memorial services to Bay Area residents. Contact us at (510) 471-3363 if you have any questions or to find out more.

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