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Mistakes to Avoid When Attending a Funeral

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Going to a funeral can be intimidating for many people. In addition to the grief associated with the occasion, some people are concerned about making etiquette mistakes and offending the family of the deceased unintentionally. If you are attending a funeral and have questions about what to expect, the funeral home is always willing to answer your questions. Here are some common mistakes to avoid at a funeral.

Leaving on Your Cell Phone
Cell phones and funerals are a bad mix. If possible, consider leaving your phone outside of the funeral home completely. If you need to bring your phone with you, make sure it is placed on silent. During the actual service and internment, consider turning your phone off, as even phones that are silenced make an audible vibrating noise that could be distracting. You should never check your phone, play games, text, or surf the next at any part of a funeral service. If you must look at your phone, excuse yourself to the bathroom or other private area.

Sitting in the Front Row
During a funeral ceremony, the front rows are usually reserved for close family members. If you are attending as a friend or colleague of the deceased, sit a few rows back so that the family has ample space. If you are unsure where to sit, ask someone working in the funeral home so they can direct you to the right area.

Not Offering Your Condolences
It’s naturally to feel anxious about approaching grieving family members who you may not know well, if at all, to express your condolences. However, not doing so is missing an important opportunity. When you tell the family about your relationship with their loved one and tell them how sorry you are for their loss, you give them comfort when they most need it.

Chapel of the Chimes Haywood will be glad to answer your questions about being a guest at one of the services held in our funeral home or on the grounds of our cemetery in San Mateo. To reach us, call (510) 400-4442.

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