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What to Consider When Choosing Between Cremation and a Traditional Burial

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Whether you're planning ahead for your memorial, or you’re in the process of arranging funeral services for a deceased loved one, you may need to choose between cremation and a traditional burial. Continue reading to learn what you should consider when making this decision.

Knowing a bit more about each option can help you make this choice. Cremation involves burning the body into cremated remains, or ashes, which can be buried, kept by the family, scattered, or stored in a cremation niche. With burial, the body remains intact and can be buried or entombed immediately after the person’s death, funeral, or memorial.

Many people turn to cremation as a more affordable funeral service option. While it’s true that going with cremation is generally less expensive than a traditional burial, keep in mind that the costs can end up being similar, depending on the various decision that you make regarding the process, funeral services, and memorialization options.

For some situations, time becomes a factor when it comes to arranging a funeral. If time constraints affect your situation and you need to complete the funeral services within a short frame of time, then cremation prior to a funeral service may be the best option. However, if you want to include a viewing in the services or if you would prefer the body remain intact until funeral rites are performed, then burying the body immediately after the funeral or memorial may be your best option.

Religion and Culture
If you or the deceased adhere to a specific religion or culture, then it’s important to consider any associated funeral traditions. Before making any decisions, speak with your local cultural or religious leader to learn more about what is viewed as appropriate and ideal regarding burials and funeral services.

If you’re organizing funeral services or wish to pre-plan your funeral in Hayward, then please contact Chapel of the Chimes Hayward at (510) 400-4442 to learn about your options and the helpful resources that we offer.

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